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4 genius things you can do with old make-up
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‘I’m going to clear out all of my old make-up before I buy new stuff’, said no woman ever. Oh the 'make-up clear out', they really do come about as often as pink pigs. That fly. And so, we have come up with some excellent ways to justify why we're hanging onto a load of old tat and to spare our old make-up from the impending doom of being resigned to the bottom of your make-up bag for the next 18 months, and then finally cleared out in 2027:

Clumpy mascara: Toss the bottle and clean the wand with some make-up remover or a toner to remove the stubborn clumps. It'll work as an excellent eyebrow brush to tame brows in to shape. As for the other seven empty tubes of mascara - take one of them and, keeping the lid firmly screwed on to avoid water seaping in, place it in a cup of boiling water for a couple of minutes. The heat will melt dried up mascara and bring it back to life for a few more applications. And the other 6...they can be thrown. 

‘Almost’ finished eye shadows: When your eye shadow has bits of powder in the corners that you can’t get out anymore, use a damp brush and mix the powder into a liquid liner. Note, this only works with darker shades- so if you only wear taupes and creams there’s really no place for your leftovers other than the bin (you can do it. Be brave).

Old eye pencils: If the end has dried up so it now feels like you’re rubbing needles over your eyelids, hold your kohl over a flame to melt the nib. The wax in the pencil will soften so you get a creamy application. Alternatively, if it’s cracked so that every time you sharpen it the lead falls out, put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to firm it back up. Extreme temperatures sort out any liner qualm.

Eye shadow palette: If you fall in love with one shade and then leave the rest redundant, you can use the rejects as nail colour. Yes, you read that correctly. We spotted MAC Nail Technician, Marianne Newman rubbing eyeshadow on models' nails and then finishing with a glossy topcoat. It looks super natural and won’t chip like polish either.


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