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4 make-up mistakes that make you look older
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When ageing starts to creep up on us, we understand why you would want to wield your credit card and start panic buying every anti-ageing cream out there, but breathe, it’s not just about the products.

All this time we thought that the best lotions and potions would be saving us from ageing, but this isn’t the case. Turns out, it doesn’t just have to do with how scientifically sound the product is, or even how expensive it is, if you’re not applying it correctly you could be sabotaging any hopes of looking younger before you’ve stepped outside the front door.

We reveal the most common make-up mistakes, with a few simple tips and tricks you can try along the way. You can thank us later (we like chocolate).

Strike 1: You’re neglecting your brows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the frames of your face (no pressure there, brows). And if you’re forgetting about them, you could be making your face seem a whole lot older. Our eyebrows naturally thin as we age, so it’s important to fill them in, but make sure you have the right shade. Always pick a pencil that’s the same as your hair, but if you want something super subtle, try an eye shadow instead.

Strike 2: You’re foregoing foundation

You might think skipping foundation is better than piling on heavy make-up, but in reality, neither is ideal. A foundation not only protects skin, but also evens out any pigmentation or imperfections that are putting years on you. We’ll help you find the best foundation for you here.

Strike 3: You’re applying the wrong shade of blush (and double strike - it’s in the wrong place)

Who knew there was a right and wrong way to apply blusher? If you want to keep fresh faced (and, quite frankly, who doesn’t?) it’s best to avoid dull brown colours as they just look dated rather than adding definition. Opt for the colour closest to your natural blush when you pinch your cheeks, and apply to the top of your cheekbones for a needle-free face-lift. Anything lower just drags everything down.

Strike 4: You’re picking the wrong lip colour

Just like our brows, lips can lose a bit of oomph as we get older. If you’re picking darker shades you could be making them look smaller without even realising. So ditch the dark and opt for sheer colours and lip stains – much more flattering.

And as you’re having a clear out, chuck the shimmery bronzer, heavy eye make-up and matte powders – they’re not helping in the case either. Time for a shopping trip, we think.

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