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5 bad beauty habits to kick in 2016
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Whilst every do-gooder around you is smugly declaring they’re cutting out booze, sugar (all sugar, everywhere), Tinder dates and numerous other annoyingly unachievable things, we’ve compiled some beauty resolutions we know we can succeed at. To be honest, you’ve probably tried and failed at them before – but here’s the difference – we’ve found ways to make them possible and easy to do. First up…

Make-up sleepers… Oh we’re all guilty of forgetting (read: being too lazy) to take our make-up off but it’s the serial make-up sleepers among us we’re talking too here. Leaving your make-up on has a direct correlation with wrinkles, enlarged pores and spots. We know it’s a chore, so instead of having your cleanser in the bathroom, have a micellar water on your bed stand, in grabbing distance to quickly wipe it off when you’re already half a sleep. You’ll thank us when you see how smooth your skin looks.

Nail-bitters… To tell you to simply stop biting your nails is like telling you to finish a tube of mascara before buying a new one. It’s an impossible feat. So instead of vowing to quit, we’re making a pact to paint our nails at least once a month. Pretty, polished nails don’t taste as good and it’ll make you so proud to look at them (even if the polish is just clear) you won’t want to spoil. Even if you do have a cheeky nibble, your nails will get a break for a least a few days a month after you’ve polished.

SPF slackers… You know you should be wearing SPF everyday, everyone tells you. Repeatedly. But if you still forget or just don’t want to be wearing coconut fragranced sun cream in February, switch your moisturiser to one that has an SPF in it. You’re regime will feel (and smell) the same only with high protection. However, SPF foundations don’t make the Powder cut. You’d have to trowel it on to get the level of protection you need.

Over plucking brows… Getting pluck happy weakens the hair growth so severely; it can stunt the growth completely. We’ve taken to having a professional shape every few months so all we have to do is catch the strays, rather than hacking at the shape.

Glow getters… Hey you. Yes you, hunched over your computer screen or slouched on the sofa. Not only is poor posture bad for body, your skin will suffer too. Slouching restricts the blood flow and oxygen from freely feeding the skin. This is a much easier way to get skin glowing than making yourself a green juice every morning. 


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