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5 mascara bad habits
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As far as beauty bad habits go, mascara application is up there at the top with nail biting, spot squeezing and over plucking your brows. What is it about the stuff that has us compulsively sabotaging our make-up regime?

However, if you’re anything like us, you probably aren’t even aware you’re committing these beauty blunders. Mascara seems so harmless. It’s the faithful friend - the dessert island essential you can’t live with out. Well it turns out they’re pretty controversial and here’s what you didn’t know about the sly buy.

Bad habit 1: Pumping the wand

But it gets more product out right? Wrong. Not only does it seriously decrease the life span of the product as pumping it with air makes it clump, but it also riddles it with bacteria. The best way to get more product is by twisting the wand round a few times – that way you won’t give yourself an eye infection either.

Bad habit 2: Picking mascara off lashes

We know – it’s so satisfying to pluck a clump of mascara from a lash, but not only are you smearing your make-up you’re also weakening your lashes. If this problem is something that happens regularly, it’s time to switch up your mascara. We can help you find a lighter formula that won’t clump or cause balding lashes, right here.

Bad habit 3: Keeping your mascara for ages…and ages…

We know it’s a faff (not to mention expensive) but you should change your mascara at least every three months. Every time you open it you expose it to air, which dries it out a little more each time. Good news is this is an excuse to go shopping – do you need another one? Read on…

Bad habit 4: Don’t make mascara last longer by adding water

Where do we even start with this one? Water isn’t sterile so you’re just creating a bacteria-fest to rub all over your eyes. You need to buy a new one and we’ve got some great cheapy options here.

Bad habit 5: Rubbing it off

Just stop doing it. Stop. You might think you need to scrub to get all the remnants off, but just hold it right there. The rubbing motion crinkles the skin around the eye, hello wrinkles! Instead soak two cotton pads (one for each eye) in remover and gently press down on the eye for 10 seconds, then swipe downward. This allows the product to dissolve first before you remove.

And whilst we’re on the subject of bad habits, put down the fag and stop stalking your ex on Facebook. Sorry rant over.

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