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The 5 Perfume Commandments
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We love perfume. But there are so many things we can do to make sure we get the most enjoyment out of our beloved fragrances. So, we've rounded up the golden rules of scent so you can call yourself a perfume pro.  Ready? Repeat after us…

1. Thou shalt store thy perfume correctly

If your perfume bottles currently reside in your bathroom. Remove. Them. Immediately. The same applies if your perfume is placed in a sunny spot in your room. Heat can alter fragrance and eventually make your eau de toilette smell more like ew, toilet. Best to keep them in a cool area away from sunlight, in a drawer or in their original box to help keep them from going funky.

2. Thou shalt not rub thy wrists together

Rubbing your wrists together may feel instinctive, but rubbing crushes the top notes of your perfume, altering the original scent. Instead, just spritz and let dry. As a side note, if you wear a watch or bracelet, try spraying further up your arm. The metals in your jewelry can also interact with your perfume and change the composition of your fragrance.


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3. Thou shalt apply strategically

Spritz onto you pulse points to make your fragrance go the distance. On your neck, inner wrists, on the backs of your knees and in the crevice of your elbows to make yourself smell fabulous all day long. While you’re at it, spray on your hairbrush too – your hair is a pro at holding scent and you’ll get a waft each and every time you swish your hair.

4. Thou shalt moisturise

Moisturize with body lotion before applying your perfume. The more moisture your skin has, the better it will cling on to your fragrance. Oily skin retains perfume better than drier skin types too, so if you’re particularly dry try applying Vaseline on the parts you intend to spray – this will make sure your fragrance lasts from desk to dinner.

5. Thou shalt know thy notes

Knowing your notes is key when buying a new perfume. As a general rule of thumb, you should never by a perfume on the basis of how it smells when you first apply it. Perfume changes on your skin throughout the day and will vary from person to person, so it’s best to trial it out for a day to see how it develops on your skin as the different notes come through. Here’s a quick breakdown of the notes and how to identify them:

Top notes: These are the first notes you smell when you initially apply your perfume. These linger last around for the first 15-30 minutes.

Middle notes: These notes are at the heart of the perfume, and will kick in after about 30 minutes of wear.

Base notes: These are the final notes that linger for much longer. To get an idea of the base notes, smell your wrists towards the end of the day.

And there you have it. Never bugger up fragrance again.


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