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5 reasons why the Dyson Hairdryer is the best ever
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We knew the clever clogs at Dyson know a thing or two about vacuum cleaners, but would their Supersonic Hairdryer have the same acclaim? After spotting it backstage at the recent SS17 shows, we thought it was time to put it through Powder’s rigorous testing process. Here’s the lowdown on all the features and what we thought about it…

1. It won’t frazzle your ends

It regulates your hair temperature 20 times a second to make sure the air isn’t too hot. This is much kinder on your hair if you’re using your dryer on the regular. Heat damaged hair doesn’t reflect light as well as healthy strands, so by regulating the temperature you’ll end up with shinier, happier hair over time. Yay. It also blasts hair with negative irons, which keep away static-attacks.

2. The air blast is really powerful

It’s all too tempting to work it like Beyoncé in front of a wind machine. The motor spins over 100,000 times a minute, so your hair will be dry much faster. I have long hair and this cut my usual 20 minute rigmarole in half. It has three speed settings, three temperature settings and a cold blast button ramp up the shine. You’ll want to go a notch down from your usual hair dryer speed if your hair is on the thinner or frizzy side – the highest speed was a tad strong for my frizz-prone hair, but thicker hair types will definitely get on well with the faster speed.

3. It doesn’t weigh a tonne

Hands up who gets an achy arm with their bulky-ass dryer? Dyson’s feels almost weightless at 659g (about the weight of a tin of soup). Because the weight is cleverly balanced in the dryer’s handle rather than the head, your arm doesn’t have to fight when you’re trying to concentrate on styling your ‘do. The cable is nice and long too, so you’re not tethered to your plug socket.

4. The nozzles are everything

These all snap on and off magnetically and, rather satisfyingly, swivel in any direction you like. They don’t conduct heat either, so you can chop and change them without burning your hands. Here are the ones you get…

  • The Smoothing Nozzle: A wide-mouthed, smoothing one for when you want to quickly dry your hair but also keep things sleek. Perfect for quick dries in the mornings when you’re short on time.
  • The Styling Concentrator: A styling one for when you’re concentrating on individual sections of hair. This one is slightly smaller and narrower than the smoothing one, meaning you can focus the air on the section you’re working on, without blasting out all your hard efforts on the rest of your hair.
  • The Diffuser: This diffuser dispenses air evenly around hair, helping us curly haired girls to keep our curls defined and well away from frizz.

5. No more filter fights

The filter is at the bottom of the handle and simply twists off. Much easier to clean and won’t lead to a puff of dust.

The verdict:

At £299.99, it’s definitely an investment. Can it be justified? If you’re really hot on your hair and hairstyling, absolutely. Hair drying can be a right chore but it’s designed beautifully and a dream to use. If you regularly use your hairdryer, you’re also investing in the health of your hair in the long run thanks to the heat damage control. And for those of us less passionate about hairdryers? Well, it significantly cuts your drying time, leaving you with more time in the mornings – which is always a winner, right?

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