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5 reasons why your flat stomach regime ISN'T working
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Personally we feel people with flat stomachs and unicorns are one in the same. Both are mythical creatures included in many stories but few of us have ever seen them. If only they could sprinkle some of that magic fairy dust on us then we would find our happily ever after.

Instead we’re faced with putting in Olympic-worthy training and still our stomachs refuse to be washboard flat. No, this isn’t just ‘your body’. There are some common slip-ups most of us unknowingly make that are stopping us from reaching our goals.

You’re rushing your food

We’re all guilty of eating on the hoof, but rushing will stress your body out. This means it concentrates on calming you down rather than focusing on digestion and this will cause you to feel bloated. A drastic solution is eating with chopsticks – that will force you to slow down considerably.

You’re only training your abs

Sadly parts of your body don’t often work in isolation. Meaning you can’t just pin point the stomach and expect to see an improvement only there. To tighten your abs you need to tone your whole body first with things like squats and lunges as well as cardio.

You eat dinner after 6.30pm.

Our bodies are clever things and are programmed to use up energy during the day – not while slumped on the sofa and just before bed. Eating earlier when your body is still in energy burning mode will help in your flat stomach quest.

You stay up all night watching Netflix series (curse that auto play).

We know it seems like you’re just lying there when you sleep, but the less sleep you have, the slower your metabolism will be. Lack of sleep also increases the hormone gremlin (the one which makes your hungry), which is why you crave midnight snacks. Be strong – you can do it! 

You’re stuffing your face before you workout (the best of us do before a hardcore hour of Legs Bums and Tums).

It might not feel like it, but your body will have enough stored to not need a full meal (even if it is a morning session). High protein snacks are your leanest option and will give you enough energy to see you though.  

We will be unicorns, we will!

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