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5 things to do in Arcachon
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If you’re already dreaming about your next jolly, let our new franchise #PowderPassport help you. Here are the top things to do in Arcachon (think Paris-on-sea).

1. Oysters: or huîtres as they're called. They’re farmed on the bay and are pretty much plonked straight on your plate out of the boat so they are as fresh as you can get. To be enjoyed with a crisp white wine only – god forbid you order a beer (severe tutting from the French waiter will follow if you do…). La Cabane De L’Aiguillon is the place to go not just for the food - the view is ace. 

2. Wines: Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world is an hour away so you aren’t short of a good bottle of grape. You’re spoilt for choice in just about every restaurant.

3. Cycle paths: everyone cycles everywhere from the cute paths through the forest around the basin up to Cap Ferret – occasionally these cross over the main road to the other side. Remember the French won’t stop for you at a zebra crossing – you just have to go for it and pray.

4. The point at Cap Ferret: a narrow sandbank with panoramic views of the sea front. Made for Instagram (#wishyouwerehere) or refreshing people who still just live in the moment and appreciate a good view.

5. Beach: head to the Atlantic side rather than the basin if you want to avoid getting mowed down by a flat-bottomed oyster boat. The village of Cap Ferret has a cute little train to trek you up the sandbanks and drops you straight to the beach. The current is seriously strong however so to avoid getting rescued by a skimpy speedo attired Frenchman – stay in the shallows.


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