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5 things you need to do before a wedding hair trial
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Out of all the wedding related preparations, the hair trial is one of the nerviest. Whether you come equipped with umpteen tears from magazines of your favourite styles (all of which you will probably hate on yourself because they don’t come with Margot Robbie’s face and Giselle’s body) or arrive completely clueless, it’s a hugely defining part of your look on the day and it has to be right. 

Not to forget, the appointment itself can take some very careful planning. Immediately, we dialled Errol Douglas MBE, Owner of Errol Douglas London to get his top tips on how to have the most successful hair trial:

DO bring a wedding style mood board with you. ‘Its key to see a picture of your wedding dress, as hair should complement not compete to create an overall stunning bridal style,’ stresses Errol.

DO think of the dress. ‘Remember to consider the neckline of your gown. With strapless, for example, it can make you feel a little exposed if you have a full updo but don’t panic if you don’t have much length – hair extension pieces can work beautifully and are a really fun way to add feminine dimension.’   


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DO consider your face shape (particularly if you have pictures of styles, as the model might have a completely different face shape which will affect what it will look like on you). ‘A style will flatter any face shape when it works to soften and frame features. Oval faces suit most styles, round and square shapes suit volume through the top as low set shapes can distort a wider jaw line, heart and diamonds are all about the cheekbones and a slender jaw line so length around the neckline and soft framing fringes are ideal.’

DO ‘book your hair trial on the same day as your dress fitting so you can try on your gown with the proposed style to ensure it all works as you want.’

DO ‘take photos on your phone of each style from various angles so you get a 360 view and feel for what it will look like in your pictures.’

DON’T go too different. ‘My golden rule: your wedding hair should make you look like you at your absolute best, without making you unrecognisable to your husband-to-be!’ Very true.  

DON’T feel you have to make a final decision at the end of the hair trial. Take your time to consider the looks and bounce opinions around with your bridesmaids or mum to decide on your favourite.

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