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> No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream SPF15, £10.50 is a good one.

5 ways to age-proof your hands
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It's often said that our hands give away our true age (and we can’t be having that!). So to keep up the facade we’ve enlisted an A-list nail technician (and some clever products) to keep things looking young and it’s much easier than dealing with your face (phew).

Tip 1: Outdoors all day? A hand cream with a built-in SPF is a good idea - No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Hand Cream SPF15, £10.50 is a good one.

Tip 2: Brighten things up. Creme de la Mer's The Hand Treatment, £70, is pricey but there's some serious science at work here. The skin brightening complex visibly diminishes that tell-tale sign of ageing - dark spots - by evening out pigmented skin tones and providing much needed moisture.

For a more purse-friendly option, pop a facial skin-softening anti-ageing serum under your hand cream, such as Clinique Repairwear Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, £40, which may help prevent further age spots from taking unwanted residence.

Tip 3: Cover up. An elegant nude nail just freshens things up and is so easy to do. Essie has a really good range of nude polishes, we’re big fans of the Ballet Slippers shade, £7.99.

Tip 4: Shape IS important. Top nail artist Marian Newman advises, ‘go for an elegant oval rather squared off and long.' Keep them neat with weekly filing and buffing, which prevents splitting and snagging, with a nail file. Glass ones are best.

Tip 5: A good-quality protective base coat will prevent your nails from yellowing, and can extend the life of your polish by days. Nails Inc Air Street Oxygenating Base Coat, £12 is our favourite as it lets nails breathe.

Vitamin C and calcium encourage stronger, longer nails, so bump up your vitamins for a gorgeous finish.

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