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5 ways to get more ZZZs
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If you’re a serial snoozer like us (you'll qualify for this is you silence your alarm at least three times) then you’ll be gung-ho for any advice that allows you a bit of extra kip.

If we’re honest, cutting out the Instagram scrolling to catch up on the last six hours while we were asleep or deleting the Daily Fail app seem like obvious things to chop in order to streamline our morning routine. But as the social media debrief is crucial we’ve found a few cheeky shortcuts with our beauty regime instead.  

So whether it’s forward thinking, late night prep or a timesaving product, they’ll give you more pillow time – which is what we all want, right?

1. Get organised (Time saved: 2 minutes)
It sounds simple, but keep the products you use everyday (mascara, foundation, concealer etc) separate from the rest of your stuff. Rummaging through everything just to find a lippie is such a hassle. Chances are you won’t wear six lipsticks to work on the same day so just put the excess in a drawer out of the way.

2. Multi-tasking products are the bomb (Time saved: 3 minutes)
Anything that can do two things at once is always a winner. Cheek and lip balms are great for saving time (and bag space). Or you can just be thrifty with what you have - we use our lipstick as a blusher, our lip-gloss as a highlighter and eye shadow on our brows. Nifty.

3. Wash your hair the night before (Time saved: 10 minutes)
It’s been said before, we know, but you’d be surprised at how much time that extra shower time and blow-drying takes. Dry shampoo is super easy so just spruce things up in the morning.

4. Go natural (Time saved: 3 minutes)
Don’t faff around with tongs or straighteners, spritz salt spray over hair and have loose waves for a change. If you rely on straighteners to tame the frizz, use oil on the ends before bed and tie hair into a bun. Healthy hair, won’t frizz. Fact.

5. Pick one or the other – eyes or lips (Time saved: 1 minute)
This is a boobs or legs situation. Daytime only needs one so if you want a statement eye, leave the lips and vice versa. A slick of red lippie makes you look put together and polished even if you’re barefaced and did it on the tube, so it’s worth having one out if you’re ever running really late.

Total time saved: 19 minutes. Let us just go adjust our alarms…

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