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5 ways to give yourself a facial
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Let’s be honest – if we all had a limitless credit card or no job to hold down, we would happily have facials twice a month. Whatever your opinion on fluffy facials (the dim lights, soft music kind), they’re a heavenly, relaxing, pamper-fest and the only thing that stops us having them ALL the time are two teeny problems called time and money. Damn it!

So we’ve made it our mission to find something that’ll fix our skin woes and not require us to re-mortgage the house. Not too much to ask is it? Our solution – just do it at home. These tips will make your skin look great (and your bank balance too for that matter).

1. Do a double cleanse

A double cleanse is just beauty speak for washing your face twice. ‘The first will remove make-up, grime and dead skin build up,’ says facialist Debbie Thomas. ‘The second ensures there is no excess residue so the products you use after can get into your skin better.’ Still after a good cleanser? Let us help you.

2. Use an ice toner

No this isn’t another social media craze but admittedly, it sounds like one. Dunk your face into freezing cold water. Umm, yes it’s madness. What it does it shocks pores into instantly tightening and jerks over-tired skin into perking up. Still hate the sound of this? (And we totally don’t blame your it’s barbaric!) Just use a cool, damp face towel instead.

3. Mouth-to-mouth

Those lines around your lips aren’t just from laughing. They’re a sign of dehydration. The skin is thinner and often neglected so use an intensive lip balm overnight to smooth the lines. Oh and neck as much water as you can.

4. De-puff those eye bags

No, it’s not a gimmick – cucumber slices really do flatten puffy eyes.  ‘They’re full of antioxidants and are super-soothing to stressed-out skin,’ says James. ‘Same goes for cold green or black tea bags.’ A easy (and much less messy) trick is just to pop your eye cream in the fridge. Use your ring finger to tap it into the skin around the eyes and up under the brow bone to drain the bags. Still haven’t found an eye cream you like? We’ll help.

5. Master DIY massage

Oil is best for massage but if you hate the feel of it (or you just don’t have one) your moisturiser will do. Start in the centre of your face a push muscles upwards and outward to perk the skin. Repeat about five times to really work the muscles.

Told you it was easy, right?

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