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5 ways to Instaglam your holiday
5 ways to Instaglam your holiday Image Credit:

Is it just us or is your whole Instagram feed filled with smug A-listers posing on a beach at the moment? Apart from making us sickeningly jealous of their candid draped over a yacht or private pool snaps, their barefaced ‘just out the sea’ selfies look, well, annoyingly perfect.

When we roll up to the beach we’re sporting a salty matted bun, patchy sunburn, a sprinkling of spots we’ve spent the last six months hiding with full coverage foundation and our sunglasses certainly aren’t Dior. So the A-listers lie people! Behind their single airbrushed snap are 500 other failed attempts from every angle.

So in order to be ‘that girl’ (which isn’t for everyone – some of you may, quite rightly, despise such vanity) we’ve got the tips to make you rack up a  whole load of Instagram likes.  

1. The in-the-water snap

Creating a flattering wet-look do isn’t as simple as just emerging from the waves. The key is to spritz a heavy-duty hair treatment from roots and tips before diving in. Then simply push your hair back off your face, smile and click.

2. The bikini pic

You stuck to the 5:2 diet for weeks before your holiday, saved up for that new Missoni bikini and now you want to show off your hard work. We say – get snap happy! But try these figure-flattering tweaks from top beauty photographer Felicity Ingram first: ‘Everyone looks slimmer if you turn your body slightly away from the camera, stand up as tall as possible – on tiptoes if you can – elongate your neck (bye-bye double chin), cross your legs, tense your abs and put your visible hand on your hip to slim down your arms.’

3. The carefree close-up

‘For a totally natural look, avoid heavy foundations and stick to sheer tinted creams and gel bronzers,’ says make-up artist Ciona Johnson King. They are much easier to fake beings fresh-faced. The finishing touch? ‘It’s all about the Mayfair filter. It brightens the centre of pics so you look like a glowing beach goddess.’ We’re sold!

4. The ‘from behind’ shot

They might look cheesy, but those ‘staring into the sunset’ shots do rack up a lot of likes. So whether you’re in your two-piece or a micro-mini, you’ll need to focus on your legs. For a quick-fix, personal trainer Christina Howells suggests a lunge pattern of ‘stepping forwards, sideways and backwards.’ Aim for 20 reps on each side and you’ll see a major difference in your leg tone (plus, do it round the pool and you’ll get the hot lifeguard’s attention).

5. The sunnies selfie

Make like model Harley Viera-Newton and pair your favourite sunnies with a bright hot lippie for a super-glam holiday snapshot. An added bonus? They hide any signs of those piña coladas from the night before. Our top lip picks are Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Ina, £26 and Burberry Kisses in Military Red, £25.


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