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5 ways to look hot naked
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Blame it on summer. Blame it on Instagram beach pics. But these days it feels like there’s a whole lot of pressure to look good sans clothes. Yeah, we know, beauty that’s skin deep is everything but when did someone last look at an Instagram pic of a beach selfie and go “Man, that girls inner confidence is smokin’ hot!”? It’s never happened.

This is beauty in its vainest, most shallow form. But it’s got to be done sometimes, right?

So let’s go – here’s how to look buff in the buff…

1. Bronzer bronzer bronzer!

If you hate tanning or just have a few bruises to cover up, a bronzer or foundation evens up legs as it would on your face. This isn’t a beach solution for obvious reasons, but if you’re just posing on it and not swimming it’s totally fine.

2. Bring up that booty

Oh yeah! Red algae’s cell-renewing properties make it worth diving deep for. Not heading to the Red Sea anytime soon? Try Elemis Targeted Toning Tightener (£95 for an hour), which contains the genius ingredient and tones areas likely to sag. The result is taut, toned skin. A body brush is great too to get the blood flowing to the area and give that booty some bounce.

3. Two minute tone up

Find one thing you like fitness-wise. Brit model Lily Donaldson is a self-confessed gym-phobe but forces herself to do planks everyday to keep her stomach flat. ‘I wouldn’t say I’m great at it – two minutes is probably my max – but a tip is to stick your iPad underneath you and watch something, as it kind of distracts you.’ Not suggesting a whole episode of Breaking Bad or anything, but a little a day makes a difference.

4. Get good at faking it

What gives the fake tan game away? It’s the sodding wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Curse the lot of them! The trick is to use a body buffer that’s dense and abrasive enough to remove excess tan without stripping off your base. Wet the buffer, wring it out a bit and then work it into any tricky areas.

5. Smooth and improve

Forget fancy shaving creams or just your average shower gel, use coconut oil when you shave to give you silky, rash-free skin with no need to moisturise after. We stumbled across this find in Neal’s Yard, the organic beauty shop, and haven’t looked back since.

We still need a good filter though please!

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