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5 ways to nail date night
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Date night requires maximum planning and effort to look like you haven’t tried at all. How ridiculous, but completely necessary of course! There is nothing worse than looking try-hard but the alternative of baring bags and spots galore is frightening (for your date at least). They always swear they prefer you bare-faced and beautiful, but lets be honest it’s a load of tosh.

So here’s how to look like you, only a better.

1. Show some skin

Okay – bold start! ‘Perfecting your arms, legs and décolleté is as important to your appearance as polished make-up and nails,’ says skin expert Sarah McNamara. Try something like Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, £9.99. It's like a body BB cream, hiding stretch marks, pigmentation and dry patches, plus it won’t transfer on to clothes.

2.    Easy on the eye

While it’s a good idea to let your natural skin shine through, when it comes to your eyes, go for it (sort of…). In fact, a survey by dating site Zoosk found that men were 65 per cent more likely to want to meet a woman if she wore eye make-up in a profile picture. Just don’t go all Courtney Love on us. ‘The aim is to enhance your eyes rather than mask them with heavy shadow,’ says make-up artist Caroline Barnes. ‘To make eyes look larger, use highlighter in a similar tone to your skin on the inner corner of eyes, and apply mascara in the right way – putting product at the root of lashes and keeping tops light and feathery for an eye-opening effect.’ Try Max Factor Masterpiece Colour Precision Eyeshadow in Pearl Beige, £6.99.

3. Go nude (nails, girls, nails!)

When it comes to nails, play it safe (snore but true). ‘If a vivid colour chips, it’ll be really obvious, but nudes always look chic,’ says manicurist Ami Streets. Try OPI Nail Polish in Samoan Sand, £12.50 and ‘go for a natural shape – RiRi-style stiletto nails can be scary.’ Her top tip? ‘Pop a nail polish remover mini and an eyeliner brush in your bag, to clean up smudges or stray bits of polish while you’re out.’ Try Revlon Face Duo Eye Brush, £5.99.

4. Finishing touch

Perfume gives you a head start before you even speak. ‘Vanilla is an aphrodisiac, boosting pleasure sensations across the nervous system,’ says top perfumer Roja Dover. Try Serge Lutens Un bois Vanille EDP, £74 for 50ml Too sweet? ‘Go for scents with white flowers like tuberose for a mix of sexy and demure.’ Try By Kilian Beyond Love, Prohibited EDP, £195 for 50ml.

5. Style out the walk of shame

If you end up staying over (no judgement here), you need to make the journey home as bearable as possible, so be prepared. Pack face wipes to clean up panda eyes – Kiko Cleansing Pure Clean Mini Wipes, £2.50 will fit in the teeniest clutch – and concealer for touch-ups, plus cream blush for blending into the apples of cheeks to instantly lift hungover skin. Try Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream Blush in Healthy Glow, £7.99. Oh, and don’t forget chewing gum, in case he won’t lend you his toothbrush.

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