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Skin Notes
5 ways to pep up dull skin
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If there was one word we wish we could exile to beauty Room 101 it would be ‘glow’ (and glowy, glow-getter, glowiness – any form of the word actually). We’ve waffled on about it for so long now it has ceased to have any meaning – does anyone actually know what it is? No hands. Thought so.

What are equally annoying are the pages and pages written about an ‘inside out glow’. What is this, some form of skin that is the wrong way round with the label hanging out? Top this off with endless advice about munching several kilos of kale every day and necking carrot juice and we’re practically spitting. Sure, we’re all for inner health but we hate kale. It tastes like grass. What else is there we can do?

Something very simple actually – check these tips out…

Tip 1: Cold start

We thought there was nothing more to splashing cold water over your face than it being a pretty savage wake-up call – turns out, there’s actually some science behind it. Icy water gets the blood flowing to the skin so you look like you’ve got the natural flush you’d get from a brisk walk.

Tip 2: Exfoliate

Although your face may not look dirty, the dead skin cells collecting on the surface (this is totally natural – don’t freak out) are blocking tight from hitting your face. This is why it starts to look a little dull and grey. Hurrying this grime away brightens up your skin instantly so give it a scrub about once a week.

Tip 3: Massage

Think of facial massage as a gym workout that pumps the energy back in. Getting the muscles moving increases microcirculation, which perks up flagging skin to its healthy best – we’d say this roughly translates to meaning ‘glowy’.

Tip 4: Skip the coffee (and the wine)

Although that early morning latte kicks your energy levels up, it does the opposite to your skin cells. Regular alcohol and coffee consumption lead to sluggish circulation so cut back (even just a little) if you want to keep things bright. 

Tip 5: Key skincare ingredients

Anything with the word antioxidant on the packet is ace – buy it. Dousing skin up with these toxin-killing machines brightens skin and gets your cells working overtime to keep you looking healthy.

So can we ditch the word glowy now?


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