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5 ways to survive the morning after
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That extra shot of tequila seemed like a foolproof plan at the time, didn’t it? Then again so did the seven-inch stilettos that murdered your feet and that cheeseburger on the way home. So there’s nothing wrong with that but when you’ve got a job to pin down and need to look semi alive the next day then this is what you need to know.

Tipsy 1: Make mine a… Night cream
‘Make the last cocktail of the night one for your skin - a night cream packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory omega oils,’ says A-list facialist Sarah Chapman. ‘Lack of sleep increases stress hormones that can lead to inflammation and breakouts’, adds pharmacist and founder of victoriahealth.com Shabir Daya. She advises eating a banana and a handful of cherries but if you’d rather have the burger, opt for the antioxidant night cream.

Tipsy 2: Eye creams are essentials
It’s all the eyes you know – yep, even after the ill judged prosecco and 2am stagger home. Make-up maestro Tom Pecheux told us to slather on the eye cream before bed (put it next to the paracetamol so you don’t forget) and it acts like a mini facial. Also prop yourself up with an extra pillow. It encourages lymphatic drainage to minimise puffy eyes come morning.

Tipsy 3: Pink is always your friend
‘Pink is the easiest way to lift your complexion,’ explains Lancôme’s Head of Elite Team Shehla Shaikh. ‘Apply a pink blush to the apples of the cheeks, as well as a wash of it over your eyelids and finish with a moisture-packed pink gloss.’ Peachy pink hues kill the blue, sallow tones you get when you’re knackered.

Tipsy 4: Get a good foundation
‘While you may feel like hiding under a mask of foundation, your skin will be drier so stick to a tinted moisturiser or BB,’ explains NARS’ top make-up artist Jane Richardson. If you’re prone to a shiny T-zone keep an illuminating powder handy to blot but keep the glow. And if all else fails use that weapon of mass distraction, the bold lip. That covers all manner of sins.

Tipsy 5:  Ommm
‘Nothing makes you feel better in the morning than yoga,’ says facialist Sarah Chapman. ‘If you can stomach it, try a head-stand for a quick radiance boost to the skin or, if you’re feeling particularly fragile, yogic lion’s breath (exhaling through the mouth with your tongue as far out as it will go) is a great way to wake your self up. All together now ommmmm…

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