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5 weird reasons why you’re bloated
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You’re doing all the right things. Eating well, replacing booze with berries and doing all your sit ups (ok, nearly all) but you still have a bloated stomach. Life’s a b***h, isn’t it?

Before you curse your parents for poor genetics, there are a few other things you need to consider. And you might just be surprised by a few…

  • You’re not chewing your food enough: The recommended number of times you should chew your food before swallowing is 32. Yes that’s a lot. Not only does this aid digestion but also slows down how fast you eat to give your body time to digest.
  • You’re chewing too much: How many chewing gums do you have in a day? 3, 5, whole packet? As you chew you swallow air, which literally inflates your stomach. Same goes for fizzy drinks. We know, we know - why is it always the good stuff?
  • You’ve got a lazy ass gut: Swollen stomachs often mean a lazy gut. As well as increasing your fiber and fruit we’d recommend taking Uno’s Choice Digestive Enzyme Blend. With seven plant-based enzymes it assists the gut in breaking down proteins, fats, carbohydrates and sugars.  
  • Are you intolerant?: Book an appointment with a GP to check if you are wheat or lactose intolerant. If you are, the reason why you look bloated is because your lactose sits in your gut and ferments with bacteria then swells. If positive, they will set you up with a plan to eliminate offenders from your diet.
  • You’re stressed out: When you’re stressed blood is driven away digestive process to be used up in more pressing parts of the body like the nervous system. Try to do whatever makes you feel calm (but try to resist carby snacks!) so your blood can continue fuelling where it’s needed. A little ‘me’ time can go a long way.

Now say it with us – we will be in that bikini come June, we will!

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