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7 beauty trends to look out for in 2018
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The beginning of every new year is a weird one – on one hand you’re bloody depressed because you give up alcohol, chocolate and bread (all of your favourite things), lock yourself away refusing to socialise. Yet on the other hand, you’re optimistic, because whatever happened in the past is done and the future looks oh-so-promising. We’re big believers in looking forward and in 2018, there’s much to get excited about beauty-wise.

Here are the seven biggest beauty trends to look out for this year:

Up your vitamin C:

If last year was all about vitamin a and retinol, 2018 is definitely the year for vitamin c to take the podium. Pinterest has reported a 3379% increase in people pinning ‘vitamin c serum’ and with brands like Nivea, Murad and Sunday Riley launching whole lines dedicated to the brightening ingredient, we suspect dullness to be a thing of the past.

The hardest working skincare product:

Oils aren’t new – we’ve shouted about the benefits for years, but they’re tipped for a resurgence in 2018. According to Pinterest, pins for ‘cleansing oil’ have gone up by 555%. Whether you’ve used one to clean your face, hydrate your skin or keep your split ends in check, this year you’ll have an oil for everything.

Multi-purpose kits:

We are so on board with this trend. We are sick of schlepping about town with a makeup bag that’s bursting at the seams, which is why we’re naming multi-purpose kits and products 2018’s Lifesavers. We can’t be alone, because pins for ‘makeup kits’ went up by 147%. We’ve already started to see this trend come through; at the end of last year Smashbox launched their Studio Skin Shaping Foundation Stick, which is part foundation, part contour and every one of Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look In A Palette has flown off the shelves.

A wash of colour:

If you’re terrified of lipsticks or just not keen on wearing dense colour on your lips, then you are going to be all over this. We predict that tinted lipbalms and lip tints are going to be seen everywhere. They’re perfect for the summer months and are a much subtler, and less face it low maintenance, way of achieving a pop of colour. ‘Lip tint’ pins went up by 414%. Send your heavy duty lip stains on a sabbatical.

Super slick hair:

If, like us, you’re lazy and can’t be arsed to blowdry your hair after washing it in the morning then lucky us, because wet-look, slicked hair is going to be big this year. If you’re the opposite and actually take time to achieve a hairstyle, then dig out the gel and get practicing, because Pinterest saw an increase of 166% in people pinning ‘slicked back hair’.

Every skin tone matters:

Rihanna. We all need to thank Rihanna for making this one of the most important beauty movements in a long while. Quite simply, she launched a brilliant makeup line, Fenty Beauty, with a foundation with a vast shade range. It includes lighter shades of pale, all the way up to the richest dark. Harvey Nichols has struggled to keep the darker colours in stock. Why? Because finally there’s a brand catering to the needs of women of colour. So yeah, you can thank Rihanna for the 378% increase in people pinning ‘complexion matching’. It’s about time no?

Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’:

You might not be too familiar with facial rollers, but this year you might just become a little more acquainted. It turns out they’re on the rise. Said to boost circulation and help products absorb into the skin. Precious minerals, like jade and quartz, offer a more holistic approach or if you’re more interested in something a little punchier, then there are ice and derma rollers to be had. Last year GloPRO launched an at-home micro-needling device and Nurse Jamie’s UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller, with tourmaline quartz, has been seen all over Instagram, thanks to a well know celebrity who’s last name begins with a K. We shall say no more, but the 345% increase in people pinning ‘derma roller’ backs up the theory.

So here's to 2018, which inevitably brings with it detoxing. Why not read our guide to the Lazy Guide to Detoxing...



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