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7 hand creams that smell AMAZING!
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So far this year, we’ve faced Trump becoming the most powerful man on the planet, there was a courgette shortage due to bad weather in Europe and it's generally miserable outside, so a little light-hearted beauty is needed now more than ever.

Hands tend to get forgotten, with skin on our face hogging all of our attention (and bank balance). But in actual fact, the skin on the back of your hands is much thinner than your face and as it’s always exposed to the elements it’s one of the first things to fall down the aging well – particularly in this frosty weather. So chaps, it’s time for the humble hand cream to take the lime light.

Here are our favourites that just so happen to smell amazing!

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

It’s Aesop – we expected this to smell as amazing as it looks. Plus, it’s a balm so completely greaseless and the added cedarwood atlas oil is a natural disinfectant  - so works as a hand sanitizer too. It's just showing off now... 

Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Hand Cream

This isn’t rose, as you know it - nothing granny about this. It’s packed with fresh florals and omega 6, which encourages the skin to repair itself. Handy if you have age spots or redness.  

RikRak by Kit Kemp Gardenia Green Leaf Hand Lotion

One to perch on your bathroom sink (pump dispensers are tricky for your handbag), the shea butter softens rough skin for smoother hands. It smells like a flowerbed in summer when the heat makes the scent richer and heady. For a few seconds you’ll forget you’re in Watford in January – fleeting, but dreamy all the same.

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream

One of those sweet spa scents that people can't get enough of. When you apply you get a barrage of ‘ooo that smells gooood, what is it!?’. We should really start charging commision, because we've convinced most of our office to go out and buy their own. (Safe for eczema sufferers too. Which is a lovely bonus.)

Aveda Hand Relief

It smells like fresh lavender after you’ve rubbed the buds between your fingers and sinks into skin in seconds. If you still hate the feel of hand cream, slather this on at night – the scent really knocks you out for the count.

Feel better? Us too.

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