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7 things that make you look prettier
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Just call us your beauty godmothers. We’re here to make life peachy on a rainy afternoon in Blighty. Mid-winter is the time when we’re looking less than our best; skin is in desperate need of vitamin D, cold air and central heating is playing havoc with it and the bags under our eyes have settled in until our next getaway.

So we thought a couple of tips to make you feel prettier is just what we all need. Here are 7 ways to accentuate what you’ve already got. 

1. Plucking stray brow hairs and shaping them will open up your face and make eyes look wider. The key is to keep as close to their natural shape as possible (hold a pencil from the corner of your nose to the inner corner of your eye and make a dot then do the same creating diagonal line to the outer corner of you eye and make a dot if you unsure about the length of brows).

2. Give your skin some love. Rather than slapping on a moisturiser and legging it out the door, spend 5 minutes popping on a mask to target your skins main bugbears. It’ll instantly look and feel a lot chirpier.

3. Strategically applied concealer is the best trick in the book. Apply a couple of dots to the inner corners of eyes (where the corner of your eye meets your nose), on the sides of the corners of your nose and cupids bow. This brightens these shadowy areas of the face to make skin look uniform and brighter.

4. Dark circles and bags under your eyes can really drain the colour out of your skin. Use a concealer a shade lighter than your foundation and mix in a little eye cream to help it spread and bring down the swelling. Tap rather than rub (skin under eyes is 10 times thinner so you have to be super gentle not to tug at it) and blend in an upside down triangle shape into the top of your cheeks.

5. Use a creamy highlighter over the points the sun would naturally hit (bridge of the nose, top of cheek bones, centre of the forehead and chin). Creating a reflective surface on these areas will cast light across your whole face, instantly brightening skin.  

6. A touch of colour on the checks adds dimension and stops skin looking sallow. Just a flush is all you need.

7. Dear old Marylin said, ‘ a smile is the best make-up a girl can wear’ and it’s cheesy but true. Brighten your teeth with the new Colgate Whitening Pen, a nifty gadget that looks like highlighter and you scribble the foam nib over teeth. It contains hydrogen peroxide (in professional treatments and totally safe), which tackles surface stains instantly.

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