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7 ways you're damaging your skin everyday
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Bad habits. We’re all guilty. Currently we’re struggling to kick our Netflix habit of watching 5 episodes (and hours) in a row – curse that auto play.

Others we do without consciousness. Notably, a lot of everyday habits we didn’t realise were such a problem to our skin. To stop you making the same, we’ve listed seven everyday things that are potentially damaging your skin. It's time to give them up ladies! We'll need strength in numbers to get through it... 

Skipping SPF

Oh that old chestnut. Repeat offenders, we’re talking to you – forgoing SPF year round will cause you to look years older than your mates that do. Even in winter, the harmful UVA rays can penetrate thick cloud so there’s no escaping it.

Forgoing Eye Cream

Seem like a bother. Is a bother actually, but one worth doing. Leave it on your bedside table so when you do forget, it requires no effort to grab it and pat it onto eyes. Use your ring finger as this has the lightest touch and gently pat, to stimulate blood flow and for lymphatic drainage.


Who knew they were such a problem? The reason why is twofold. Firstly, they hoard oil, dead skin cells and bacteria that sits against your skin overnight (hell, if you suffer acne). Secondly, cotton pillowcases create friction against skin, which leads to wrinkles. As well as changing them every couple of days, switch to silk and plump your pillow so you are propped up to stop water collecting under eyes forming bags.

Using gritty exfoliators

You might think that scratchy feeling is shaving off dead skin and un-clogging pores, but it’s actually ripping the surface. Yikes. That’s not to say you shouldn’t exfoliate. All of that does need to be removed but you can do it without abrasive scrubbing. Enter: chemical exfoliation. It might sound terrifying but acids gently dissolve dead skin layers without needed to tug at skin.

Not taking your make-up off

One we’re all guilty of. Even just forgetting once will stop skin from renewing overnight leading to clogged pores and a build up of dead skin cells. Keep a packet of wipes on your bedside table if you’re prone to skipping cleansing. No excuses.

Coffee addict

Why is it always the good stuff that’s bad for you? Without sounding like a complete kill joy, caffeine dries skin out which makes it age faster. If you can’t stop completely try to cut back to one a day. You might feel like death to start with, but you’re skin will be glowing.

Fluctuating weight

Try not to allow your weight to fluctuate markedly – either up or down – this isn’t great for the body and nor is it good for preserving face elasticity.

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