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Tanning Notes
The £4.99 fake tan that beats them all
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Confession: I was a fake tan snob. Since starting as a Beauty Editor and having a whole beauty cupboard at my disposal, I became completely out of touch with what it feels like to actually spend my hard earned cash on fake tan, because I can take any of the latest launches home to try (#beautyeditorproblems).

That was until recently when I went on a girls weekend away to Bath, realised I had forgotten to pack my tan so ran into the nearest Boots to grab a bottle.

I’m sorry, £33.50! Is this a joke? That’s the same price as my weekly rail fair and more expensive than a bottle of Moet champagne. They can’t be serious. After comparing similar brands by pacing up and down the aisles, I realised they were 100% serious. Excuse me whilst I choke.

Before you ask, no I didn’t buy it. Instead I opted for the £4.99 version sat on the bottom shelf (St Moriz Professional Medium Mousse) – my thought process went something like 'I’d rather buy myself the bubbles than the posh bronze'. Naturally.





And instead of typing up the article I had expected to, about how cheap tan gives you a patchy orange disaster (I had half of it planned out in my head before I’d even reached the checkout), I’m writing about how that little bargain turned out to be the best fake tan I’ve tried. FACT.

Here’s why:

  • The foam felt as luxiously light and creamy (the olive milk and vitamin E do that) as products five times its price. If you were to do a blind test you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell the difference – it feels a bit like bath bubbles.
  • The bubbles burst over skin meaning it’s so easy to get a flawless coverage, which means you won't catch sight of a patch you missed on the back of your mid thigh in the bathroom mirror the next morning.
  • Contains a fragrance that not only stops you smelling of biscuits but also enhances your mood with its uplifting wafts. What a clever cookie.
  • There are two shades, so my pale skin could cope with the ‘medium’. For the daring ones among us the dark gives a really rich tan.

To all the fake tan snobs; are you coming over to the dark side? 

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