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The £15.99 fragrance that smells just like Dior
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Do you love Zara as much as we do? If you’re anything like us, you’ll have at least three zara.co.uk tabs open in your internet browser right now and often pop in on your lunch break to hunt down those Acne shoe lookalikes. But here’s a question: have you ever smelt their fragrances? We’ll let you in on a secret – Zara perfumes are basically dupes for designer fragrances.

You’ll find them right by the cash desks, so next time you’re in the returns queue – pass the time by smelling a couple. You might just find yourself the doppelganger of your favourite scent. In my case, I found that Zara’s Deep Vanilla smelt suspiciously like Dior’s Hypnotic Poison. But how does it fare in comparison? I put it to the test…


Zara Deep Vanilla Eau De Toilette 100ml, £15.99

How does it smell? It’s an oriental floral, so it’s warm, vanillary and musky. It completely envelops you and it’s perfect for wintery evenings.

The notes: Zara have kept pretty schutum on exactly what it’s made up of, but they do list orange blossom, vanilla and musk as key notes on their website. It’s listed as a women’s fragrance, but we reckon it makes a great unisex fragrance.

Lasting power: This is a very long lasting fragrance – I sprayed this in the morning and it was still very prominent as I was leaving the office – it’s pretty punchy for an EDT. Plus you get a full 100ml in this bottle, compared to just 30ml for Dior’s.


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Dior Hypnotic Poison Eau De Toilette 30ml, £46

How does it smell? Hypnotic Poison is another oriental scent, making it the sweeter yet moodier sister to the original spicy Poison. It’s intoxicating, smouldering and musky.

The notes: It opens with floral sambac jasmine and orange blossom, before drying down into a sensual tonka heart and finishing with a creamy vanilla base.

Lasting power: One spritz of this and you’re done for the day – it’s incredibly potent even for an EDT. Expect it to linger on your scarf and everywhere you walk. To really make your fragrance go the distance, follow these tips for  making your perfume last longer.


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The verdict:

I can’t quite believe how similar these are, they’re almost identical. The only slight differences are that Hypnotic Poison smells sweeter at first and lasts longer on the skin, but once both fragrances dry down it’s really hard to tell the difference. And for £15.99 (£40 cheaper than Dior’s) you’re getting over three times the amount of fragrance. That means you can pick up those Acne Studios look-a-like boots too. See you in Zara then?

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