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Skin Notes
The acid that's saving our skin
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Sorry what? Acid. On your face? Are you absolutely out of your senses? Yes apparently we are. Repeat after Powder, Acid is GOOD for us (that’ll take a bit of getting used too, we’ll admit). They’re popular guys at the moment – everyone’s talking about them but unlike a lot of beauty buzzwords that have their fleeting fame, acids have the talent to back up the reputation.

In fact, it’s one chap in particular that is particularly saving our skin daily. You’ve probably heard us banging on about hyaluronic acid but the reason why we’re just a little bit in love with it is because our skin has never looked more glowing, healthy or toned. It’s a keeper!

If we were to create a dating profile for this stud it would go something like this…

Name: Hyaluronic Acid

Age: From inception.

My name might not sound natural, but you’re born with me. You know how babies have such pillowy soft, plump skin of dreams? That’s because they’re born with high levels of me in their skin. I just decrease from as early as 18 years old, unless of course, you top me up with supplements or serums.

Loves: Wrinkled, tired skin. I flood skin with moisture to cushion the support structure of the skin which buckles when it’s stressed or older. The result is plumper, smoother and more supple skin. Oh yeah. I’m good.

Hates: Blemish prone skin. I can do nothing for you people. Talk to my cousin Salicylic acid, he’ll clear you up.

Party trick: I’m a moisture magnet. I can hold up water up to 1,000 times my own weight. That’s some serious hydration.

Looking for: Skin that wants my energy and support so we can plump up wrinkles and send ageing packing together. 

Surely worthy of a date don't you think?

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