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Acne, spots, blemishes; whatever you call them, they’re an absolute, hair-wrenching nightmare. But ALAS! For I have found a nifty little gadget that is your ticket to screen-worthy skin. It’s called the Foreo Espada – Espada meaning ‘sword’ in Spanish – and, like its namesake weapon (used for centuries by every Disney Prince Charming out there) it attacks – and defends – your face from the bad boys.

So how does it do it? Well you might have heard of LED light therapy, which is a treatment top derms and facialists use in different colours (there’s red, yellow, green and blue) to treat different skincare concerns. Those creepy white face masks you see all the celebs Instagramming? That’s LED light therapy and it comes in peace.

What the Espada has is blue light, which attacks acne-causing bacteria (they’re called Propionibacterium, or P. acnes, for anyone gathering facts), to prevent spots forming, blast existing ones, help heal old scars and reduce redness and inflammation. The more light you use, the better your skin will look, and that’s where a gadget like this comes in handy.

All you have to do is hold the end of the Espada to the area you want to treat. Contact with the skin activates the beast and you’ll feel it gently pulsate (which boosts blood circulation to help shift toxins away from the area); after 30 seconds it indicates to move to the next area. Easy. And if you do it straight after you’ve cleansed, the light will penetrate pores better so you’ll see quicker results.

So essentially you’ve got a bit of a lifesaver in the palm of your hand. And while light, glorious light, isn’t going to revolutionise your skin – you need a good skincare routine and/or diet for that – it will provide extra back up for times when skin is angry and won’t play ball. It’s especially good for those repeatedly bad areas – like the chin – but be warned that it does take time to cover large areas.

Putting it into perspective: this product is £129 for unlimited treatments while a course of three (equally brilliant) LED Facials at The Light Salon is £95. It’s not as easy as sitting in a chair for 15 minutes, but it does a great home job, and I never want it to leave my side.

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