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It’s tricky to ask people what their beauty secrets are – even more awkward when they’re a complete stranger you’ve found after a mammoth Instagram stalking session or an unreachable A-lister.

So to save you the trouble, we’ve collated the best advice in the biz to get you that mermaid mane ASAP – some of them may surprise you…

1. Never wash your hair every day

Girls with long hair know it strips strands of oil leading to split ends which then snap off. Keep it to every other day – more if you can bear it.

2. Use a deep cleansing shampoo

If your hair is super fine – just substitute this in once a week in the place of regular shampoo. Exfoliating the scalp clears pores so follicles can easily sprout but also stimulates the blood flow to make hair grow faster. Massage the scalp firmly with circular motions to really get the blood flowing going.

3. Leave in conditioner.

It’s a tricky balance with long hair. You want to exfoliate the scalp but deeply condition the ends. Leave on a conditioner for about 60 seconds (leave the roots) and then rinse. Not only will it boost hydration to improve the quality of hair but also acts as damage control for combing. Less knots = less breakages.

4. Step away from the scissors

Contrary to belief, don’t get your hair cut every six weeks. I know we were shocked at that one too. After a recent trip to Neville’s Hair Salon the head stylist explained if you want your hair to grow you need to leave it bed and just keep conditioning the ends. If hair is in good condition there is no need for a trim.

5. Bedding counts

This is a slightly pricy option but there is scientific proof it works. Try switching your pillows covers with silk ones. They create much less friction on the hair, which means less breakages and chance of split ends. Go one better and keep hair up in a bun or plait as you sleep too.

Let us know how you get on, tweet us @thisispowder – we love a natter.

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