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Affordable skincare that works is unfailingly top of every beauty editor’s priorities lists; after all, the question we get asked the most is ‘what can I use to…?’ It depends on your skin type – what it will and won’t take – but there are relatively cheap all-rounders that work for every skin type, making it more than easy to recommend. One of these is Alpha-H.

What you need to know

The beauty of Alpha-H is that it taught the masses a different way to exfoliate; while skincare experts and top derms knew the power of different acids (like Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids) to exfoliate, refine and renew skin, the rest of us were still scrubbing the living daylights out of it. Acids weren’t as accessible and, quite frankly, sounded pretty scary to us. Then, along came Alpha-H, who are 21 years old this year and the rest is history. Now we’re doing it a few times a week and Alpha-H can FINALLY drink in America!

Like all success stories, the brand began in an Australian garage by the brand’s founder, Michelle Doherty. She suffered from pretty bad cystic acne as a teenager and into her 20s, which prompted her to explore her options. And voila, there you have it – a skincare brand – and one that’s onus is on helping the skin renew and repair itself, as well as very gently resurfacing.

The products to try

Liquid Gold, £33.50

Inside one of these burnished golden bottles is where the Alpha-H magic began and – fortunately – it has never run out. The infamous liquid gold contains 5% glycolic acid, an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid that sloughs off the dead skin cells that sit on the top of your skin, making it look dull and lifeless. As well as getting that old glow back, it’ll also make fine lines look that little less pronounced, any uneven skin tone (so old acne scars or pigmentation) reduced and skin generally looking more spritely and happy. Glycolic is even said to help treat skincare complaints like psoriasis so Liquid Gold is worth a try if you suffer from these.

Apply to a cotton wool pad and swoosh over skin, keeping to once a week for the first month and building up to three times a week thereafter. Any scrubs you currently use, place firmly in the bin or use on your body, because using both together will damage the skin barrier.

Liquid Gold Luxe Body Resurfacing Cloths, £27

Thou shalt do on your body as you do on your face. That’s how the 10 commandments go, isn’t it? These body cloths are infused with the liquid gold formula that I’ve just harped on about and do a great job at keeping limbs looking healthy and flaky skin-free. In winter they’re the best for legs that accumulate that grey tinge and you’ll also find them handy pre-fake tan or event.

Fresh Everyday Cotton Face Cloths, £18

I am as religious about washing my face with a fresh cloth every day as I am with watching Love Island (come back please) or checking Instagram. It’s far more hygienic than re-using the same one all week and helps keep skin as bacteria-free as possible. There are seven in this bundle – one for every day of the week – and trust me when I say a cloth will help remove makeup and dirt like nothing else. The basics done good.

Where you can find them

QVC, M&S Beauty, Cult Beauty, Look Fantastic, Beauty Bay – everywhere!

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