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We genuinely get more excited about foundation than we do about cake. It can transform ‘meh’ skin into supermodel, Instagram filter territory in seconds, but finding one that makes your enhanced complexion look like its all natural is more challenging than leaving Selfridges beauty hall empty handed.

So what if we told you the beauty BFF in our ‘no-make-up make-up’ bag just re-launched and got miles better? We can hear your screeches from here.

Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau is the silky, slip of a foundation that melts over skin and, as of September 2016, it’s upped its game. It now contains stretch fibres that work a bit like elastic to move with the contours of your face. So when you smile at a new pair of Fendi flats, and then promptly frown at the price, this foundation moves with you and won’t crack through the day.

There is also a much wider range of shades to choose from (one to fit every skin tone in fact) making it even easier to achieve a natural look in the soft, radiant finish we’d expect.

Now excuse us whilst we just do a happy dance in the beauty cupboard – twirls and everything.

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