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And the latest Korean skincare craze is…
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The Koreans are having a funny effect on us at the moment – they’re sending everyone potty over their skincare. The latest craze has us trotting down to our department stores immediately to get our mitts on…wait for it - sheet masks. We’ve unashamedly dumped face mists in favour of them.

Unlike the complex Korean cleansing regime (10 steps – seriously?) this is something we can actually get onboard with. The mask is quite literally a sheet saturated in a skin tonic that you just plonk on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes (you may have seen the creepy ‘sheet mask selfies’ all over Instagram recently).

Although they’re called ‘masks’ its mainly because of what they look like rather than what they do – unlike masks we’re used to that deeply cleanse skin, sheets masks are more of a vitamin shot. Dry or ageing skin types benefit most from using one as they soak up all the moisture like a sponge - but anyone (even oily skin) can use them – they’ll just work better for you if you do a deep exfoliation first to avoid clogging pores.

So apart from providing you with an excellent selfie opportunity, there are plenty of other reasons why we love them. 

1. They’re soaked in a serum–like formula so after you’ve peeled it off you can massage in the residue which will work overnight to pep up flagging skin. We have been known to scrape the leftover from the packet and slap in on our skin after too - don’t let any of the good stuff go to waste!

2. They’re super compact, neat, flat and disposable. Excellent for long haul flights or to tuck into your handbag if you know you’ve got after-work events.

3. They’re much less messy than your typical mask – you can peel of the sheet rather than having to sponge clay out of your hair. 

4. They’re basically a mini (and affordable) facial. Soaked in nutrients, skin-friendly acids and vitamins, they’re a tonic that is so much richer that your standard night cream.

5. They’re Korean therefore we love them. Naturally. 

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