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Here at Powder, we’ve made it our mission to de-funk the beauty gibberish. You know what we mean, the product labels you need a first class doctorate to articulate? Yep, those chaps. So we’ve created a beauty dictionary with all of the buzz-words you’ll hear us banging on about so you can then look up for an easy (we mean really easy) explanation.

First up, antioxidants. We probably say this word more times a day than we do ‘Powder’ (which is a lot FYI) and the reason why is because it’s a top dog nutrient.  

So what the dickens is it?

They’re the guys that enhance your skin’s barrier to enable it to counteract the ageing process by fighting free radicals (the munchkins that cells release after harmful UVA rays get to them – once formed they reap havoc and cause cellular damage) and fight off toxins in the environment (car fumes, pollution, sun damage – it’s a dangerous world out there).

Who needs them?

Anyone that lives in a city - antioxidants are about as essential as your bus pass, party people (smokers and drinkers make them your best friends), anyone worried about ageing, if you’re lacking brightness or if your skin feels a little congested – eat them, drink them, pile them on your face.

Where do we find them?

To scoff: leafy veg, citrus fruits, nuts, whole grains, carrots, green fruits.

To smother: face masks and serums are the big-guns.

When should it go on our face?

Under SPF in the day and just smothered everywhere at night when skin isn’t photosensitive.  

Avoid it… If you’re under 20 – they’re potent stuff and your skin isn’t really ready yet.

Up next week beauty lesson… Retinol. 

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