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Are cleansing brushes just another beauty gimmick?
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They’ve been around for a little while now, but for a lot of us cleansing with what is essentially a giant electric toothbrush seems a bit nuts. Our hands have done a pretty good job of scrubbing off the muck so far - so are they worth using, or, are they just the latest hyped-up, overpriced nonsense we’ve been convinced that we definitely do need?

Well we’ve done a bit of digging. We’re a pretty cynical crowd to please, but after speaking to Dr Robb, Founder of the leading cleansing brush Clarisonic, we were both enlightened and actually pretty shocked by our findings. The space-age brush cleanses six times better than your hands (yes, six!) So that equals six times more dirt and debris removed, that would have otherwise just been festering on your skin if you hadn’t used the brush. We’re listening…

It didn’t stop there either. Here’s what else we found out…

1. They make your products work SO much harder

We like to think that it’s the fancy pants creams that make all the difference to your skin, but really a better cleanse is what raises the bar. Sonic cleansing gets the skin so clean, products absorb so much better because they’ve got a clear pathway.

2. The results are immediate

Unlike a lot of expensive potions where we’re told to wait five weeks before we see a fainter crow’s foot (singular), this investment delivers results immediately. Your skin feels squeaky clean and better still looks it – polished up to be smoother, brighter and healthier after the grime has been shifted.

3. It’s not fussy

It might seem like a bit of a faff, but it actually slotted into our regimes much more easily than we thought. There’s no wire (massive plus), so you can take it in the shower and it stops automatically when your skin has had enough cleansing (after about two minutes). 

4. It even helps wrinkles

By getting all the old make-up and dirt out of any creases it makes them flatter and much smoother looking. Plus the movement of the brush head, that oscillates over 300 times per second, charges blood cells so they can busy themselves keeping us looking younger.

We get that the initial expense might be a bit of a pinch – but remember they’re pretty cheap to run. You only have to change the head every 3 months or so. The verdict? After using one for a week and then going back to using just our hands, our faces felt filthy. We’re not turning back (aka mind-blowingly addicted already).

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