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Bacne: how to get rid
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We feel you - summer is a thing of nightmares when you’re struggling with ‘bacne’ (that’s ‘back acne’ to you and I). Whilst everyone else is stripping off and competing for the best tan lines (queue, the bragging selfie), you’re keeping an oversized T-shirt on to cover up your back. Sure, acne sucks anywhere but at least you can mask your face with a decent concealer - it’s not so easy when it’s on your back and when you’re jumping in and out of water all day.

We’ve all tried the ‘the sun will treat it’ theory but in actual fact, the sun damages cells and makes skin weaker which can result in, yes you guessed it, MORE spots.

So here is how to do it right. Repeat after us, ‘I will be that girl on the beach in a cute bikini this year…’

Step 1. Use a pH balancing body wash to stop skin over-producing oil

Like facial cleansers, using the right body wash in the shower is key to targeting aggressive bacne (that sweet smelling one you bought is probably playing havoc with your skin). ‘Free-froms’ are brilliant as is anything with antioxidants or plant ingredients to encourage cells turnover.

2. Always shower. Always.

It’s tempting to charge out after the gym to get back in time for that new Girls episodes. Don't. Netflix can wait. ‘The sweat that builds up between skin and gym clothes can awaken acne-causing bacteria,’ says Dr Murad. This can lead to a post-gym breakout rave starting on your back. Get straight in the shower to blast away sweat…

3. …And whilst you’re in there – use a scrub. 

Scrubs tend to only make appearances for special occasions (date night, pre-holiday, before cocktails with the girls – the usual) but when you’ve got bacne it should be a daily ritual. They shimmy cells along to keep them renewing as well as scrubbing out blocked pores. Essential alert.

4. Book in for a ‘bacial’ (yes, that’s a thing)

Works in the same way as a facial – deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage – but for your back. If you’re on a budget, just stock up on clay masks and get your friend (boyfriend if you’re past the three year mark) to slather it all over your back to suck out all the muck, then shower it off.

5. Put the fake tan down…

Drop it. It’s not your friend. The ingredients in fake tan often clog pores and make skin oiler. Step away.


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