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We’ve all had to cancel plans after a giant spot has left us housebound. More than any other skin complaint, acne has that power to reduce us to an insecure mess reminiscent of our teenage years. Even for us, with a whole beauty cupboard at our disposal, those pesky spots continue to sneak through.

In sheer desperation it’s easy to revert back to our teenage tactics of oil stripping cleansers, clay facemasks and even toothpaste in the hope of shriveling a spot. Actually, adult acne requires a different plan of attack. Rather than blasting it topically, an internal approach is a much better one. It’s mostly a hormonal problem we are dealing with here rather than an oily one so anything too drying will just exacerbate wrinkles.

Anything from pregnancy to menopause can trigger a breakout. We’ve armed you with our top tips so that when the spots strike, you’ll be ready for them.

Chill out: Easier said then done, but stress causes our adrenal glands to increase the production of androgen hormones, which increase oil production – cue acne! Balancing your stress levels through gentle yoga or meditation helps to regulate hormones, preventing them from causing any future flare-ups.

Supplement: Tackle acne from the inside out. Tea tree and green tea reduce the inflammation, while zinc supplements help to reduce oil production.

Sugar-free: Don’t just give it up for Lent – try quitting sugar for good. We are not restricting to a military diet but fizzy drinks, chocolate, fatty foods all spell disaster for your skin. Snack on food that will regulate your energy levels (nuts and complex carbs) as opposed to causing them to crash.

Hands off: Dr Susan Mayou, Consultant Dermatologist at Cadogan Clinic London, urges anyone with acne to keep their hands away. Strap them to your back if you have too. Picking at the skin will increase the possibility of scarring.

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