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The best dry shampoo in the UK
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Until dry shampoo came along, what on earth did people do when they were hungover/camping/just wanted some texture? Who knows. but what we do know is that there is now a whole gang of dusty powers that disguise oily roots and Batiste’s Original hair refresher is one of the best.

Batiste launched its first dry shampoo in the 70s and the Original is now a cult classic. In fact, we defy you to find anyone who hasn’t used some of this oil-absorbing dust in their hair; one sells every two seconds in the UK - that’s 30 bottles a minute, guys - so it must be good. And while the Original is a classic chalky white colour, which needs to be rubbed into roots, nowadays Batiste also sell other shades for different hair tones - try Dark if you’re a brunette and read our handy brunette's guide to dry shampoo.





And the trick to using them? Shake the bottle and spray around 30cm away from your roots. Don't rub the powder in straight away - it needs time to absorb the oil. Maybe brush your teeth or do your eyeliner while you wait? Then either work the excess into your scalp or brush it through. Our tip is to spray through the ends of hair too – it gets that cool, mussed-up, bedhead look a la Kate Moss.

And when you eventually come to wash your hair, you'll need a good shampoo...

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