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Beauty apps you need to download right now
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We’re always on the hunt for something that blows our brain, in a good way, (just to clarify, there is also a bad way…  last week a tongue cleanser that landed on our desk – don’t ask). And it seems 2016 is already going to be the year of apps. They’re popping up all over the place so for one to get our undivided attention it has to be good. Really good.

On our phone at the moment is…


So simple but the best ones always are. No longer are we looking at an eighth of our face at a time in the eye-shadow compact mirror we carry around in our make-up bag. The app transforms the front of your phone into a reflective screen with much more clarity than your forward facing camera.

£ - Free on iTunes 

Madeleine Shaw’s Glow Guides

Before you gulp at the price, note this is actually like paying for a personal trainer for eight weeks. Each week you get your work-out outline, cardio videos, yoga videos, meditation audios, diet plans… think of it like your ticket to living how the A-listers do. If your Davina McCall Fitness DVD 2008 edition is still wrapped in its plastic covering, don’t be put off by this app as you get notifications cheering you on to so it’s easy to stay motivated. Plus you get the in on 70 healthy recipes to get your teeth into.

£££££ - £49.99 on iTunes 

L’Oréal Make-Up Genius

You know when you try a foundation shade and it looks great on the back of your hand but when you get home and apply it all over you’re face you realise it’s ALL wrong? This app lets you try make-up on before you’ve even left the house and before you say it, no this isn’t a ten year old's playing dress up toy. Using your phone camera you can apply different beauty looks in real time and decide whether that new electric blue eyeliner suits you, or just isn't the one.

£ - Free on iTunes 


The uber of the beauty world, this is excellent for when you really want that manicure but are mid-way through Girls and you just can’t be bothered to move. With Priv you can order a treatment and a therapist merrily turns up at your door in under an hour. It’s only in London at the moment but we know they have swift plans to roll it out nationwide, so watch this space!

£ - Free on iTunes

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