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What to buy for the men in your life
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Why is it that men are so difficult to buy for at Christmas? You ask them for hints and you're met with, 'I don't mind.' The least helpful sentence in the English language. So that's where we come in. Here's our list of the best beauty Christmas presents to buy men. We've sorted you out for pretty much every man in your life.

Your brother 

He’s nicer to you now than he used to be, but god he still drives you nuts. You’re never going to be BFF’s, so there’s no point forcing it. You don’t know much about his life, but thanks to Instagram you know that he loves the gym. Dumbells aren’t a realistic present, but this Aesop Athlete Kit, £80, (exclusive to Mr Porter) is. It’ll be perfect for his gym bag and it will make you look really, really good.

Your husband

You really, really, love him - so much so that you don’t mind that sometimes he forgets you made dinner plans, he hasn’t surprised you with jewellery, like ever, and you can even put up with the occasional fart in bed (only just). But if there’s one thing that you just cannot stand, it’s his feet. He won’t get a pedicure, so that’s out of the question, but this Murdock London Pedi Set, £50, might just be the ticket. It’s a black leather case, so already feels masc. Just think, you could agree on a Netflix series, grab your his and hers pedi sets and and tackle your feet together.

Potential father-in-law

You want to come across as approachable, kind and generous, but not super keen and a show off. You don’t want anything too thoughtful in case it seems like you’re sucking up, but nothing too random that it appears like you don’t give a shit. The brand spanking new Braun Series 5 shaver, from £99, shows that you really care. It has clever AutoSense technology that adapt to the density of the hair and automatically adjusts its cutting power. You can thank us after the engagement.


He’s happy with a pair of socks and a book on his favourite sport, but really what he deserves is a full hat box of Aqua di Parma Colonia goodies, £395. The man never turns you away when you have a problem and totally lets you eat all of the food from his fridge. He deserves a bloody medal, to be honest, but who has medals nowadays? This is much easier. 

Quite literally any other man

The beauty of our Powman beauty drawer is that it’s brilliant for a discerning gent who takes care of himself, a chap who’s kind of interested in grooming but needs a point in the right direction and a guy who doesn’t really have a clue. It’s got everything from shaving supplies and fragrance, to skincare and body. Plus all of the contents are worth £160 and you only have to pay £40 (exc. delivery).

If you're not interested in the Powman beauty box, how about a limited edition Nars box?? Ooooohhhhh...

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