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Cashmere, hot water bottles, twinkly lights and mulled wines – just a few things we all associate with the cold winds of winter. And, as every change deserves a host of new beauty products, we thought we’d bring you the bits to buy now it’s getting colder; from the winter perfume to swap in ahead of those ones that smelt better in the summer to the ultimate can't-go-anywhere-without hand cream, these are the bits you'll need for those imminent chilly days. Here they are:

Jo Malone English Oak & Redcurrant Candle, £44

Nothing – and I mean, nothing – says cosy night in like a Jo Malone candle. This is the brand’s new offering, a woody but not-too-woody pot of wax that will set your mouth watering for Christmas. The brand describes the smell as ‘enveloped in roasted oak’. Firstly, who would not want to smell something that is literally cocooned in roasted oak?!?! And secondly, we want to know who is writing this extremely persuasive copy – they deserve a firm handshake.

Chanel La Crème Main, £45

Second on the list of maybe unnecessary things we absolutely must have now it’s a little bit colder is this, perhaps exorbitant, Chanel hand cream. Pricey it might be, but an essential it still is thanks to the non-greasy, quick-sinking formula that smells nonchalantly floral. It’s shaped like an egg – the chicest egg we’ve ever seen – and a squeezy one at that. Your hands will thank you as it protects them from getting dry and purple when the temperatures really do plummet.

Byredo Velvet Haze, £142

Velvet Haze! A haze of velvet. We're not sure what it means but it certainly makes nostrils the world over twitch in anticipation. Inspired by the 60s, it’s a heady blend of patchouli, musk, cacao and coconut water which make it the kind of perfume you want to wear in autumn. Think dark, alluring but simultaneously a smell that doesn’t take itself too seriously, just like the era that inspired it.

This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil, £25

Where there is good, long sleep, there is – usually - This Works. Their Deep Sleep range comprises everything from the infamous sleep-inducing pillow sprays that also enhance the quality of those Zs to this all-natural body oil. To say it’s cocooning almost doesn’t cut it – it contains lavender, vetivert and chamomile, all of which alleviate tension, calm the mind and encourage the peace factor respectively. That, and it’ll nourish your skin – just massage into damp limbs. (Incidentally, it just won a Powder Beauty Award.)

Vaseline Lip Therapy Lulu Guinness in Poppy Doll Face £2.99

Well of course we wouldn’t forgo you a winter lip balm. Vaseline needs no introduction – it’s the UK’s bestselling product – but this is a little pot with a difference. They’ve partnered with Lulu Guinness of lip bag fame to create the ultimate rose-tinted balm, which works just as well patted on cheeks as it does on lips. And it’s the most affordable of the bunch.

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