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The best body creams for dry skin
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You can try and hide them with 60 denier tights and skinny black jeans, but we have a feeling that the legs you’re trying to conceal under your clothes have seen better days. They’re likely to be a bit hairy - don’t worry, we don’t judge; it’s a woman’s prerogative to decide on her own relationship with hair removal – and they’re likely to be a bit pale – it’s winter, we get it! But what we can’t abide by is dry, flaky legs. It’s neither attractive, nor necessary people. With plenty of wonderful creams and oils on the market, you really needn’t be in this position. If you are, let us tell you about some of our favourites…

The best slimming body cream

Legology Air Lite, £60

The superb thing about this cream is that not only does it hydrate sorry dehydrated legs, but it also works on the lymph system to help drain heavy legs, discouraging cellulite and toning. It smells like a summer day – all citrusy and fresh – and is deliciously cooling when you put it on.

The best exfoliating body cream

Exuviance Retexturing Treatment, £33

This clever cream exfoliates at the same time as moisturizing. That’s because it contains glycolic acid – a friendly acid that in small doses nibbles away at dead skin and softens uneven texture. Tip: don’t use it straight after shaving – you have been warned!




The best smelling body cream:

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star, £10

Use this in morning - it smells exactly like your breakfast banana and oat smoothie. Like your superfood drink, this’ll set your legs up for the day of low temperatures. It soothes tight skin and sinks in quickly so you can pull your tights on straight away.




The best cult body cream

Kiehl’s Crème de Corps, from £16

The classic. The original. The favourite. If you haven’t tried this, then where on earth have you been? It doesn’t smell particularly nice, like others on the list, but it packs the punch. Dry skin seems to disappear before your eyes.

The best non-greasy body cream:

Aesop Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm, from £25

Hate that greasy feeling just after you’ve popped your moisturizer on? Us too. That’s why we love this one by Aesop. It’s not sticky and doesn’t leave oily marks on clothes. Plus it smells incredible, which is always a good thing.

The best organic body cream:

Bamford Jasmine Body Cream, £38

First of all, Bamford products look jolly nice in your bathroom (which is exceptionally important). Second of all, it smells divine. And third of all, it’s so wonderfully thick that you can almost feel your legs drinking in the moisture.

The best body cream for sensitive skin:

Avene Akerat 10 Body Care Cream, £15

If the skin on your legs is so scaly that you’re starting to resemble a lizard, then you need this. Maybe you have psoriasis or perhaps you’ve been avoiding body cream for years, whatever the situation, this calms rough skin.





The most reliable body cream:

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion, £30

It’s Clarins, so you know it’s good and you know it’s going to work. It’s really simple, but really effective. A reliable investment.

The most pretty body cream:

Origins Extra Continuous Moisture Recovery For Very Dry Skin, £30

It’s the Mango and Kokum Butters that are key in this cream. They help repair your skin’s barrier meaning no more sore skin. Use it the morning and evening. You are most welcome, dear readers.

The best body cream for really, really dry skin:

C.O Bigelow Derma Remedy Intense Dry Skin Therapy Body Lotion, £20

This is a funny one – you apply it to damp skin straight after a bath or shower. To make the product work harder, don’t bathe in water that’s too hot. It irritates skin and can exacerbate your dry skin.

Before moisturising, you should hundy p be scrubbing away any dead skin cells in the shower. These are the best body scrubs around...

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