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The £4 body scrub that feels like luxury
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There are baths. And then there are full-on body transforming operation station baths. Usually reserved for Sunday nights, you deck out your bathroom with candles on every surface and whack a bit of Enya on Spotify. You wash your body with the finest body cleanser, scrub every last inch of dry skin off with your smart exfoliator and then jump out and coat yourself in a luxurious body lotions. The full works people.

Body scrubs are an essential part of the full body kit and it’s essential that you get the right one. Scrub aficionados among you will already love Sanctuary Spa’s famed Body Scrub.  This salt-based exfoliator eradicates rough, flaky patches yet indulgently moisturises, thanks to the oils it’s suspended in.


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But at £13 a pop, if you’re heavy handed with your scrubs (ie. diving into the jar for a big dollop) then you might get through it more quickly than you’d like. So, we put it to the test against a £4 doppelganger from nspa to see if it can scrub up just as well…

The best body exfoliator

Budget buy: nspa Sacred Spa Invigorating Sea Minerals Salt and Oil Scrub, £4

The ingredients: Sea-salt, eucalyptus and sunflower oil.

The smell: It’s fresh, zesty and smells way more expensive than its price tag – you’ll be transported to a Sicilian spa surrounded by lemon trees.

The texture: It’s more oily than salty, making it a gentler exfoliator than the average scrub.

The results: The consistency of the scrub means it feels super silky when massaging it into the skin and because the salt is sparse, it doesn’t feels like you’re doing much exfoliating. However, it softened limbs beautifully and left a gentle glow.


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Blow-the-budget: Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Salt Scrub, £13

The ingredients: Sea salt, sweet almond, coconut, jojoba and evening primrose oils.

The smell: Just like everything in the Sanctuary Spa line, it has a hypnotizing oriental fragrance of sandalwood and citrus.

The application: It has a stiff, gritty texture with a higher salt to oil ratio, making it a heavy-duty exfoliator. It can be used on damp or dry skin, for some serious body buffing.

The results: This left limbs looking much more radiant and smooth – the glow afterwards was supermodel-worthy. As the salt is so gritty, you can really work it into the skin without fear of it dissolving too quickly. It’s super invigorating – you can feel your circulation kicking in.

The verdict:

Both of these scrubs are h-e-a-v-e-n-l-y to use, however, Sanctuary’s still wears the scrub crown. It not only eradicates the roughest of dead skin, but it intensely moisturises too, leaving you with a hydrating veil post-bath. nspa’s doesn’t deliver quite the same exfoliation, but for £4 we were taken aback by just how nice it was to use. It could easily be four times the price and we wouldn’t question it. If you prefer a gentler scrub, then it’ll be £4 well spent.


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