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3ina The Color Mascara, £8.95

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The best coloured mascaras
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Colourful mascara is so in guys. Trust us. You won’t look like a clown and you don’t have to be going to Wilderness. This is a legit thing. It’s time to invest.

Below is our roundup of the best colourful mascaras and here's our handy guide on how to wear coloured mascara.

3ina The Color Mascara, £8.95

3ina (pronounced Mina) have got some of the nicest bright colours on the market. There’s a stunning green that’s the colour of the most luscious grass and an incredible pink that’ll take you back to your childhood. The brush is also great; it holds exactly the right amount of product and doesn’t clump. Hooray.

Mac In Extreme Dimension Mascara, £15.50

You knew MAC would be on this list. If there’s ever a brand who knows how to work with colour, it’s MAC. There In Extreme Dimension mascara comes in a whopping 15 shades, from brightest yellow (Energized) to the greyest grey (Muscle Tee). You need to apply a couple of coats to get the desired effect, because the short plastic bristles don’t pick up enough pigment on the first go. But then that’s probably a good thing if you’re new to bright lashes.

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara, £18.50

We have no idea how we’ve ended up with two brands in this list that spell their names with a number. Just lucky we guess. (FYI it’s pronounced Well People.) The great thing about these guys is that they’re organic, vegan with the purest of ingredients. That does not mean however that the colour payoff is weak. Their Pro Purple is standout.

Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara, £20.50

Not only is this the bestselling mascara in the UK, the Beyond Blue shade is the best blue we’ve ever tried. It’s an electric colour that can be spotted from miles off (which is a jolly good thing) and brightens even the sleepiest of eyes.

RMK W Color Mascara, £25

RMK is a Japanese that is still fairly unknown, but their products are very very good and clever. They have taken a different approach to add colour to lashes, their mascara comes with two wands – a larger one for the top lashes and a smaller one for the bottom – both in contradictory colours. We particularly like SS01, which has jet black on top and hot fuschia for the lower, and SS02 that’s brown and the brightest red we’ve ever seen.

Ciate Lash Chalk, £9.80

If you’re still a little afraid to make the leap into full on colour, then how about a slight tint? Kind of like highlights for your lashes. Ciate’s Lash Chalks are ideal for those who only really want a flash of colour. The wand is like a comb, so after you’ve slicked on your normal black or brown base colour, comb the tips of your lashes. We can’t decide if we like Daydream, a super light blue, or Giggle, a muted red, better.

We promise you're about to have A LOT of fun with these.

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