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The one product I swear by on a hangover
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When hangover strikes and you’re left with those sullen, puffy eyes that suggest you’ve been living in a dark hole for a few weeks (you haven’t), by fluke and fortune I’ve found the best eye cream around.

And what is it? New York dermatologist, Dr Dennis Gross’, C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Eye Cream, which comes in at an un-cheap £63. But, what it lacks in cheapness, it makes up for in being complete value for the money you do pay. Happily, it also comes in a cylindrical orange tube, so orange that it basically insists it will brighten your eyes, so you’ve got some kind of psychology in there too.

 It’s got a whole host of amazing ingredients in it which perk up the eye area. The main guy is Vitamin C, a Dr Gross speciality (he’s a great advocate of its brightening, protective and smoothing effects) but it’s also got collagen amino acids in which help plump and firm skin, ceramides that strengthen the skin’s barrier and some light reflecting particles in there for good measure (these help create the illusion of health).

 If you’re well versed in beauty’s over-stocked realms it probably feels like a lot of eye creams boast these ingredients; the difference with this one is that it actually works. And, what’s better – and makes it even more apt for a hangover or Monday morning struggle – is that it has a cooling feel on application, so you’re getting all the calming relief of that help-me-my-eyes-are-falling-out feeling alongside a great formula that will improve the appearance of your eyes. It’s a must-try to accompany that inevitable summer party spirit.

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