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We LOVE this £7.99 brow pencil
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It’s a fact. Eyebrows can make or break your face. They frame your features and, to be honest, we’d all look really weird if we didn’t have them. We’ve all tackled our brows at some stage in our lives and we have pencils to thank for magically restoring wonky or over-plucked eyebrows back to their former glory.

Everyone raves about Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencils (I blame the Kardashians) but at £15.50 a pop for under a gram of pencil, it ain’t cheap. However, I recently came across Sport FX’s Shape Up Brow Pencil and wondered if it was as good as ABH’s. So, I put them both to the test…

The best eyebrow pencil

Blow-the-budget buy: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Dark Brown,  £15.50

The formula: You have to press really quite hard to get this formula out. But once you manage that, it works a treat to mimic individual hairs. It’s not easy to smudge if you make mistakes, but it also means once you’ve filled in your brows, it stays put.

Pencil shape: This has a pointed nib, which twists out of the tube, so there’s no sharpening required. On the other end is a spooly to tame the hairs and diffuse any harsh edges once you’ve filled in.

Longevity: Very long-lasting. No touch ups or smudges all day.

Colour range: Ten shades ranging from the palest to the darkest of blondes, auburns and plenty of browns and blacks.


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Bargain buy: Sport FX Shape Up Brow Pencil in Brunette, £7.99

The formula: Creamier than most eyebrow pencils, this one is more forgiving if you make a mistake. But as it is quite soft, it's better for building up colour rather than creating feathery strokes. It has a glossy finish to it, which seemed to help keep my hairs in place.

Pencil shape: This one twists out with a triangle shaped nib. The tip is great for drafting an outline and the flat edge makes it speedy to fill in your brows. It also has a handy spooly brush on the end for taming and grooming.

Longevity: It didn’t budge all day. Sport FX create its products specifically with sport and exercise in mind, so their formulas are water and sweat proof. 

Colour range: Four shades: Blonde, Auburn, Brunette, Black

The verdict:

Sport FX takes the brow crown. It does all the same tricks as the Brow Wiz but it actually helps to keep the hairs in place all day and adds a glossy finish, which I love as it makes them look thick and healthy. Brow Wiz is great for creating a feathery look, but the matte finish makes brows look a little flat. What’s more, you get more product in the Shape Up pencil, so not only will you save some dolla, but it’ll last you longer too. Win, win.

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