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The £5 palette you need in your life
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Oh Urban Decay, we’re a sucker for your Naked palettes. They might just be the best eyeshadow sets out there. If you’re anything like me, you get into a complete frenzy whenever they drop a new one. Would anyone else run straight for their original Naked palette if their house caught fire?

Speaking of fire, have you seen Urban Decay’s new Heat palette? The thing is, it’s nearly £40 a pop and inevitably at least three remain untouched in every palette - it’s kind of an unwritten rule. It can feel like a waste. So, for their most recent offering, I decided to have a scout around for a cheaper alternative. MUA’s Fire Vixen Eyeshadow Palette cropped up, and at only five smackers, I thought it would be rude not to test it in comparison to see.

Blow-the-budget buy: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette, £39.50

The colours: You get a really great shade range of 12 shadows. It starts with neutral mattes, which work brilliantly as a base, working up to some smouldering rust and copper tones, which gradually get darker to burnt browns and reds.

The formula: As with all UD shadows, these are super pigmented and blend like a bloody dream. They feel very creamy on application and can be dialled up or down depending on your preference.

Longevity: I put this on at 5am and by 5pm it was still going strong.


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Bargain buy: MUA’s Fire Vixen Eyeshadow Palette, £5

The colours: This one has 15 shades to get creative with - neutral beiges, greys and pinks in matte tones, and shimmery hues in fiery coppers and browns. There are also a few poppy pinks and oranges to brighten things up.

The formula: These are surprisingly creamy and heavily pigmented. A couple of colours fall flat (the bright orange and grey) but the rest blend well and can be built up to create a more intense effect.

Longevity: Lasted all day (even throughout a sweaty spinning class) without a primer. Thumbs up.


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The verdict:

Do I think that MUA’s palette is a carbon copy of Urban Decay’s? Not exactly. You don’t get a handy double-end brush and there is not a direct colour for colour match, but you can certainly create the same kind of warm, bronzey look, so no one would ever know the difference. I was also blown away by the quality of the MUA eyeshadows for such a low price. Cheaper ones have a tendency to be powdery and flat, but these are an exception. Plus you get three more shades!

My heart will always, always want UD’s, but given the price of MUA’s and the quality, I’d seriously recommend you give it a go. And at £5 a pop, you can get eight palettes for the price of one Urban Decay one. Now that seems like a smart beauty investment.

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