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This is the best hairbrush I've ever used
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Wet Brush Flex Dry, £11.99

This brush has changed my life (this is not an exaggeration) and I cannot rave about it enough. I have extremely knotty hair and brushing is a personal hell of mine. This is how my life used to be: jump out of shower with freshly washed hair, towel out most of the moisture, grab Tangle Teezer to start the epic detangling session, brush and brush and brush with all of my might for about 15 minutes – cue pain and headaches. This is what my life is like now: jump out of shower with freshly washed hair, towel out most of the moisture, grab Wet Brush Flex Dry to start epic detangling session, in a few strokes of the brush every, single one of my knots disappears smoothly and more importantly painlessly. Why? Because it moves with your hair, rather than tugging and pulling at it. Mind. Blown.

3ina The Duo Eyeshadow in 609, £10.95

I don’t know about you, but I’m so crap at smoky eyes. If you are too, let me introduce you to the easy-peasy, foolproof eyeshadow palette that does the hard work for you. 3ina’s The Duo Eyeshadow in 609 has got a silver shimmer on one side and a soft charcoal black on the other. They’re even separated by what looks like a waft of smoke. Coincidence? I think not. Here’s how I do it: I dust my entire lid with the silver - being sure to pop it on my inner corners to avoid looking sleepy - and then roughly (smoky eyes are anything but precise, so the messier the better) trace my lash lines with a short bristled brush. Next I take the darker shade up a little higher on the outer edge of my lid, et voila smoky eye in seconds. I urge you try it. Immediately.

RMK Fffutre Cheek Stick in Blue White, £22

It goes a bit like this: I nip to the loo at work at about 4pm, catch myself in the mirror and have a bit of a freak-out. My skin is looking dull, I’ve lost all colour from my face and I look exhausted – it’s not a pretty sight. Rather than reaching for a bar of chocolate for a little mid-afternoon perk me up, I pick up RMK’s new cheek stick. It looks like a lipbalm, but is in fact a brilliant highlighter than I practically draw all over my face. It’s really subtle and blends really well into skin, but when it catches the light suddenly it’s like my skin has had a kick up the arse and is back in action.

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Nemesis, £4.59

Call me crazy but I am so not over glitter. I know that the summer is coming to an end, as is the festival season, but there are still weekends and nights out that can be vastly improved with a bit of sparkle on the face. I’ll admit that 3D sequins can be safely stored away until Glastonbury next year (does anyone else keep finding them in the drums of their washing machines?) but little pots of shimmery joy? No, I’m keeping those in my makeup bag. Barry M’s Dazzle Dust has been a thrilling discovery. It’s a finely milled powder that you can apply with a fingertip and build up for intensity. My recommendation is to use Nemesis, an earthy red brown laced with gold flecks, on eyelids; watch the magic happen. 

Clarins Double Serum, from £57 for 30ml

Clarins Double Serum is one of those products that’s been around for years (it’s one of the world’s favourite anti-aging serums) and every so often it gets a little update with a new and improved bottle, an even better formula or in this case, both. This serum is all about helping our skin cells react better to aggressors, like pollution and that annoyingly, unavoidable, aging process. My favourite bit of the new version is that you can control your dosage by twisting the dispenser at the top. The larger droplet is for when skin is drier and the weather is a little nippy and the smaller one if you fancy something a little lighter in warmer climate. What can I say? I’m a total sucker for anything novelty. (Out on the 27th August)

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