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We put five bestselling hairdryers to the test
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We've all got one - it's either overworked putting in hours every day, comes out once every so often to help nail a look or gathering dust, only to brought out on special occasions. We are of course talking about hairdryers. Whether you have curly, straight, wavy , thick or fine hair, a hairdryer is essential to create a style. They're the main player in the hair styling arsenal, but how many of you actually do your research before you invest in one? How many of you just go to Boots or even Argos and choose the one that's on offer? Powder decided that it was time to test out some of the UK's bestselling dryers so that you can find one best suited to your needs.

If you're not too fussed about styling

ghd Air, £99

If you wash and blowdry your hair everyday, then you totally have our permission to skip your arms day at the gym, because the weight of this is a workout in itself. The good thing is that despite its heaviness, this GHD hairdryer dries your hair super fast (under 15 minutes for long, medium thick hair). It’s a great choice if you prefer a straighter style or you need help taming frizz and flyways. Annoyingly, there’s no diffuser attachment, so if you love to rock your curls, opt for something else.

If you rely on yours to help you create new looks

Parlux Advanced Light Cermaic Ionic Dryer, £99.95

You might not have heard of Parlux, but we don’t blame you. Parlux is the hairdryer loved my professionals and salon stylists, because it is very very very light and its unrivalled power. This means that it’s excellent for manoeuvring styles and dries hair quickly. Fine hair will get a bit of a puff up and thicker hair can achieve a sleek finish utilising the nozzles and powder. But curly-hair girls should look elsewhere. It’s also compact so good for travelling or stashing away neatly in a drawer.





If you love technology and don't mind blowing the budget

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, £299.99

Is this a good hairdryer? Hmmm let's think… It’s efficient - it dried the testers hair in two minutes, yes you read that right, two minutes; it’s so quiet you could deliver a speech to a large auditorium whilst getting your hair done and everyone would be able to hear you; it has clever technology that we don’t understand that stops your hair/head overheating; its motor sits in the handle, so using it is a pleasure and you don’t feel like you’ve got tennis elbow everytime you give yourself a blow dry; and finally it looks like something out of Star Trek and we kind of love that. Oh and there’s a diffuser for curls. You’ve probably read about Dyson’s move into beauty, got excited, saw the price and backed off. But believe us it’s worth every penny.

If you don't have a strict beauty regime

Tresemme Salon Professional Diffuser Dryer, £23.49

Praise be to the hair gods for this Tresemme hairdryer which is an absolute steal at only £23.49 and includes a diffuser. Yay. The market is full of mega expensive, slightly expensive and normal priced hairdryers and while this one comes in at cheaper-than-normal it does an excellent job of drying quite a substantial amount of thick hair, fast. It promises to #bless each strand with a glossy, healthy shine and while it does this to a certain extent, it’s best viewed as a simple fast dryer, which is all you need really, isn’t it?

If all you want is dry hair, fast

Label.m Tourmaline Dryer, £47.95

Meet the pocket rocket of hairdryers – it’s tiny, it’s fast and it’s hot. Very hot. Be careful of your ears on the top heat setting. However, if you have to be out of the house in 15 minutes, this will be your best friend, as it smooths locks as well, so no need to run the straighteners over afterwards. Again, no diffuser. What is going on?





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