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The in-flight minis you need when you travel
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We need to talk about long haul flights. And more importantly how you spend your time on them. Watching seven movies in quick succession is non-negotiable, obviously, but what we really want to discuss is which beauty products to pack for the in-flight pampering session. If this doesn’t factor in your on-board entertainment, then you need to sort yourself out. Quite frankly there’s no better feeling than getting off at your destination looking fresher than everybody else. It takes effort, but is far from impossible.

There’s an obvious drawback - the limited number of products you can take on the plane with you and that bloody 100ml rule. But as always, Powder is here to help, for we have written up a must have list of your in-flight beauty essentials. Enjoy.

As soon as you board

Set up your area – shift the person next to you off of your armrest, pop your noise-cancelling headphones on and grab a G&T from the passing trolley. We’re not sure if you’ve realized, but planes are disgusting. Actual breeding grounds for bacteria. Take a moment to think about how many other bottoms have sat on your seat. Actually, perhaps don’t think about it. Instead, clean your hands immediately with a hand sanitizer and keep it close by at all times. We like Cowshed Cow Slip Natural Antibacterial & Soothing Hand Gel (£8 for 50ml) as it keeps hands clean, but also moisturised, meaning you don’t have to pack a hand cream. Nifty. Next grab the undeniably vital travel essential oil – we’re partial to either deMamiel’s Altitude Oil (£28 for 10ml), which has relaxing and antibacterial properties or Neal’s Yard Remedies to Roll Travel (£7.50 for 9ml) that eases fatigue and lifts mood.

As soon as you’ve chosen your first film

Start by removing your makeup with RMS Beauty’s The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes (£12 for 20). We don’t normally condone taking your makeup off with wipes (you have no idea how bad they are for your skin and the environment), but when travelling we make an exception. The beauty of these wipes is that they’re infused with coconut oil, which dissolves all makeup – including waterproof mascara - and gets rid of surface grime without stripping your skin. Plus they’re individually wrapped, so you only need to pack one for each journey.

Once you’ve done this, we recommend popping to the loo and giving your face a second cleanse too. This journey is going to take its toll on your skin and you need to look after it from the get go. Use Omorovicza’s travel size Cleansing Foam (£12 for 30ml) as it will get rid of any impurities left on your face and also keep your skin moisturised. We’re going to drone on a lot about hydration in this piece, but that’s because cabin air is basically the devil and is drying your skin out with every quarter mile the plane covers. Go back to your seat, reassume your position and then slap a thin layer of Erborian’s Sleeping BB Mask (£36 for 50ml) onto your face. This product is so fantastic it won a Powder Beauty Award. It’s meant to be worn whilst you sleep, which technically could be happening if you’re on an over-night flight, but even if you’re not chances are you’re going to nod off at some point. Whilst your mask is on, you’ll want to keep your lips in tip top condition as well, so slick on a lip balm. You really can’t go wrong with Carmex (£2.59 for 2ml). After a good couple of hours sleep, you’ll wake up with skin that looks so velvety, it’s like it’s got an Instagram filter on it. It’ll combat any signs of tiredness and dullness, all the while boosting your moisture levels. All. Good. Things.

After you’ve washed the mask off

Yes, you do have to make another trip to the loo, but moving around and keeping your legs active is incredibly important, pat your skin dry and then immediately pop on a hydrating serum. A favourite of team Powder is Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 (£61.95 for 30ml). It’s an oil free, hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 gel fluid that quenches your skin’s thirst and keeps it looking plump. Use this time to have a look around you, by this point everyone around probably looks like crap, whereas you’re probably the most heavenly-looking person on the flight. Well done you.

Throughout the flight

We want to mention a key player that should be used, without fail, throughout the flight - your facial mist. It can be used to either wake yourself up a bit when you’re feeling a bit drowsy or for the all-important hydration. There are so many on the market to choose from, but our favourites are La Mer’s The Mist (£60 for 100ml) – if you just think f**k it why not? – or Avene’s Eau Thermal Spring Water (£3.15 for 50ml) - a cheaper, but by no means any less effective.

In your final couple of hours before landing

You’ll want to start to thinking about the final stage of Pampering Session 2018. If you’ve had a dreadful time trying to sleep and have barely managed an hour’s kip, then your eyes might be a little on the puffy side. That’s where Masque Bar’s Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches (£9.99 for five pairs) come in handy. Unlike other sheet mask types, these are dry on one side and adhesive on the other, so they’re really really easy to use. Leave them on for half an hour and watch as your droopy, baggy eyes are transformed into sparkly, bright peepers. Again, they’re individually packaged so ace for space saving. Once you’ve taken these off, grab your eye cream. You want something that brightens the area and also takes down any bags that’s refusing to budge – something like Origins GinZing Refreshing eye cream (£20.50 for 15ml). Follow this with a hardworking, multi-tasker moisturiser like bareMinerals Complexion Rescue (£27 for 30ml). It’s hydrating, tinted, with an SPF30.

By this point you’re in a really good place. Your skin is beyond happy and it shows – expect very jealous stares. But there’s one more part to the routine, a final spruce if you will. Thanks to the aeroplane food, which is possibly the worst thing ever, your breath probably isn’t the finest after eight or so hours. Thankfully, you will have packed a handy Aesop Mouthwash (50ml, £50 for travel set), which you take with you to the bathroom in the final half an hour before you land. Whilst in there, spritz the miniature deodorant that you bought at the airport gate – they’ve even got them in WHSmith now, so there’s no excuse - slick on Benefit They’re Real Mascara Travel Size (£10.50 for 4ml), touch up any dark circles with Nars Soft Matte Concealer (£23 for 5ml) and finish off with a touch of Stila Convertible Colour Dual Lip and Cheek Cream (£16 for 4.25ml). Walk back to you seat, catching the other passenger’s eyes with a smile, with the full knowledge that you look sensational. After you land, and every body else is scrambling over seats to grab their bags, celebrate how much you just aced that flight by dabbing Diptyque’s Solid Perfume (£34 for 3.6ml) behind your ears, on your neck and wrists.

You are most welcome. x

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