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New foundations: an honest review
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It’s Foundation February and this month we aim to help you find the right complexion enhancer, from the best foundations for oily skin or dry skin, to the best foundations if you're on a budget. And what do you know, like magic, three foundations landed on our desks just gagging to be reviewed. With so many different formulas, textures and promises to choose from, we decided to give these three a thorough testing to give you the down-low on which skin type they’re best suited to, whether they live up to their names and if they’ll work for you.

Rosie for Autograph Amazing Skin Secret Foundation, £20

Despite this being a foundation that offers really good coverage, it’s surprisingly lightweight. If you’re normally partial to a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser, but are looking for something for those days when your complexion is a little off colour or speckled with a few blemishes, then this will hide it all and perk everything up. Plus it's £20, which is brilliant. However, whilst the formula is lovely, the shade range leaves very little to be desired – there are only eight, so if you have a darker skin tone, then you’ll want to look elsewhere. Why Autograph, why?

Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15, £31

The creamiest of the three, this one feels like it’s doing good things to your skin a bit like a really rich moisturiser. If you have dehydrated, flaky skin at the moment, then you’ll love it. The Bobbi pros recommend you apply it with the Full Coverage Face brush, which is short with dense bristles, and gee whizz do we agree with them. Even though it’s a full coverage brush, you don’t feel like it’s packing it on to your skin, it really diffuses the colour and gives you the most stunning even finish. Even though it works really well on dry skin, oilier skin types will love the slightly matte finish that comes from the oil-free shine control. Plus it comes in a whopping 30 shades, so it covers all bases (pun totally intended).

NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, £35

Nars create foundations that should be applied with your fingers. The reason? “Because then you are able to warm and work it into your skin,” explains Andrew Gallimore, NARS UK Makeup Artist Ambassador. This means that their foundations don’t sit on top of your skin, bit almost fuse into it. This one, their newest launch, is highly pigmented, so you only need to use a little bit, but still allows skin to breathe. It actually doesn’t feel like you aren’t wearing anything. It does give you a radiant finish, but more of a subtle glow than dewiness, which sits well with those who hate shine. As ever with Nars, the shade range is amazing with 33 in total, including three new shades.

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