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Hi, hello, good day. Welcome to my new column: Powder Picks. Every Friday I’ll be telling you about my top five products of the week that have landed on the Powder Beauty Desk. I’m going to be on the look out for exciting and interesting beauty launches that I feel you need to know about. So let’s crack on with the first one…

Bobbi Brown Eye Gloss

Oh my god I love, no – adore, no - want to marry this eye gloss. It. Is. Amazing. Eye gloss is a funny thing; it’s a high-fashion editorial look that is rarely attempted IRL. However, it high time this changed. Eye gloss = cool girl chic and everyone should be the cool girl this spring. I wore it out last night and good god I looked good. The key to nailing it is pick the colour most similar to your skin tone (there are three to choose from: Island Pink, Beach Nude and Nude), then slick a generous layer onto your top lid and all the way up to your socket bone. To finish, keep things minimal and only apply jet-black mascara and no eyeliner. Buy one quickly as they’re limited edition and I don’t reckon they’ll be around for long (because I will have bought the lot of them.)  

Aveda Pramasana

The scalp is skin, is it not? And you exfoliate and cleanse every other part of your skin, do you not? Well then, do the same with your scalp. The Pramasana collection is like your skincare routine for your hair. Use Aveda’s new brush, which features looped bristles, on dry hair just before you’re about to jump into the shower. Not only does this exfoliation help ward off dandruff by encouraging cell turnover, but it also stimulates the follicles for a healthy head of hair. Once in the shower, massage the Purifying Scalp Cleanser into wet hair before you shampoo. This focuses on deep cleaning and exfoliating the scalp, rather than the hair. Then once you’ve washed your hair pop the Protective Scalp Concentrate on - this acts like your serum by penetrating the top layers of the skin to nourish the scalp. Boom – skincare routine complete.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil Spray for Hair and Body

Ladies, I know warmer weather is around the corner when Estee Lauder’s limited edition Bronze Goddess range hits the shelves. If you haven’t smelt this before then you haven’t experienced the scent of summer. It’s a little bit of white flower, a little bit of warm vanilla and a little bit of creamy coconut, all mixed up and smells completely beautiful. You could buy the fragrance, but honestly take my advice and bypass the perfume and go straight for the Shimmering Oil. You get two for the price of one that way – stunningly-smooth scented skin (oooh I love a bit of alliteration) and a golden tint that will catch the light – even if you’re only on the way to work.

Sisley Phyto-Touche Sun Glow Powder

Ok, before you tell me off about the price, please just let me explain to you why I love this palette so much. First of all, it’s a multi-tasker: a bronzer, a blusher, a setting powder and a contour palette. There are two shades to choose from Trio Pêche Doree for fair skin and Trio Miel Cannelle for more warmer skin tones – both give a healthy glow not a fake orange tinge. Second of all, it comes in this super chic leopard-print case that’s so slim, it will fit in any handbag – even those teeny tiny ones that only typically fit a phone and a bankcard. And finally, it contains all of Sisley’s incredible skincare expertise. It’s got shea and camelia oil, which are non-drying, so they soften the skin and prevent dehydration, and vitamin e to protect against free-radical damage. That’s pretty impressive for a bronzer no? Maybe you’ll forgive the price now?

Bourjois Volume Reveal Adjustable Mascara

We get sent a lot of mascaras to trial and there are tens of thousands of them on the market, but I am so particular about wands and bristles that I actually struggle to find a mascara that I love. Today, however, that changed. The wand on the new Bourjois’ Volume Reveal Adjustable Mascara is bushy, not too long and makes my lashes look like the perfect falsies. Each strand of hair is coated in the blackest black formula, so my lashes look voluminous, thick and far from spidery. Oh and the bottle has a mirror on it, which is beyond handy. I shall we buying this mascara for the rest of my life.

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