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> last week's useful, if not entertaining. This week is just as jazzy...

Read on dear friends.

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Here we are again lovelies, week two of my great, big product lowdown. I hope you found last week's useful, if not entertaining. This week is just as jazzy...

Read on dear friends.

Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint in Popsicle or Flip Flop

I love Barry M nail polishes sooooo much. Like a ridiculous amount. I’m lucky enough to have access to some rather fancy and pricey options in our beauty cupboard, but whenever a Barry M one drops onto the Powder Desk I get a bit giddy. The shade range is huge (95 in total), there are so many different finishes - matte, glitter, frosted – and it doesn’t chip after an hour, which is rare these days! My opinion remains the same about their new Summer 17 Coconut Infusion Nail Paint in shades Popsicle (a bright, yet rich fuschia) and Flip Flop (a warm coral, perfect for when you’re wearing, err, flip flops). And the cherry on the top of this rather marvellous cake? Each one costs under a fiver.

Nannette De Gaspe Tush Mask

Oh my gosh you guys – this is a sheet mask for your arse. Can you think of anything more lol? Nannette De Gaspe is a pretty big deal in the sheet mask world - she creates luxury, hard working anti-aging masks that are exclusively stocked at Selfridges (you could call her the Queen of the Sheet Mask). And now she’s created one for your bum that’s meant to lift and plump. They’re not exactly like the ones you use on your face – they’re dry for one thing and they’re actually two patches, rather than a sheet. I have no idea if they work, but I honestly couldn’t care less. My boyfriend had a very good time popping them on and they provided much entertainment on what was a very dull Tuesday evening.

Beautyblender Cleaner

There are YouTube videos and Reddit discussion boards dedicated to the subject of how often people should clean their Beautyblenders. Some suggest baby shampoo, some say hand soap will suffice while others say washing up liquid will do the trick. However, Beautyblender’s Liquid Blendercleanser makes cleaning your make up sponge much much easier. After I apply my foundation, I dampen my Beautyblender straight away and then push the sponge down onto the pump dispenser so that it absorbs the cleanser. I work it into a lather and squeeze until the water runs clear and then leave to dry, ready for another day of makeup application.

Gillette Venus Swirl Razor

When I was 11, my mother told me I wasn’t allowed to shave my legs – I was too young apparently. I thought otherwise, for I had suddenly sprouted so much hair, I could have knitted you a sweater with it all. So one day, when my parents were distracted, entertaining my grandparents, I went upstairs to the bathroom, took my father’s razor, began shaving and promptly removed a chunk of my calf. My grandfather came to my rescue and promised not to tell my mother if I promised to wait a bit longer to try it again. I turn thirty this year and I’m still crap at shaving my legs. Every time I do it, I cut myself. I can never get the angle right. So you can imagine my glee when Gillette’s newest Venus razor, Swirl came into Powder HQ. It’s got a smart ball just under the razor that swivels around meaning that it catches all stray hairs and is virtually fool-proof. Huzzah!

Marc Jacobs The Bronze Brush

This is. One. Posh. Brush. The black and silver make it look super chic, the bristles are softer than cashmere and the handle is weighted so it feels expensive. I perhaps won’t keep it in my handbag (transporting it around everyday might give me backache), but it will take pride of place in my bathroom. The brush is so fluffy that I often just sit and waft the brush all over my face, as I find it rather soothing. You might think I’m weird, but you won’t know until you try will you? And you best hot foot it, as it’s limited edition.

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